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Friday Fashion Spotlight 22: Typhon and Polly

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, April 15, 2022

Welcome to…
The DD Fashion Spotlight!
Number 22.

Typhon and Polly are couple who's relationship spans the decades. Typhon, aka Orson Scarpacci, is a man with a great sense of style that changes markedly over the years. Polly, aka Appolonia Whatkins, is a little more conservative in her choices; things change for her but nowhere near as much as for Typhon… There's a much greater sense of continuity in her choices. Like last week's spotlight this is a comic that shows the passage of time through the changing styles of the characters.


Typhon has a great sense of personal style. He's also a very masculine man as seen with his facial hair, buff build, square jaw and broad shoulders. He we see him in the wildly different hairstyles and many looks he's had over the years. One common factor is that he's always very dressy, frequently in three piece suits, waistcoats, jackets, ties etc. He likes to dress formally and well. Presumably he's quite a wealthy man and more that a little vain. He's well groomed, likes to stay fit, and keep up with fashion.


In contrast to Typhon Polly is nowhere near as adventurous or gregarious in her fashion choices. Her hairstyle is short and gets shorter as it greys. She wears business suit dresses, simple ear studs etc. Her most daring piece is her choker ribbon which she wears more and more as she gets older. All in all she's not unstylish or unfashionable even if she's conservative. She's a professional woman who likes to be presentable and well dressed without being flashy or obvious.

This is a great example of an artist using fashion and style choices to show the passage of time with characters and to differentiate their personalities!
Check out more of Xailenrath's work in - Warning, this is an ADULT rated comic!


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Ozoneocean at 2:10AM, April 16, 2022

@Hpk- do they have style themes that they stick with?

Ozoneocean at 2:10AM, April 16, 2022

Thanks Hushicho, it's a little more adult than I usually focus on here 😅

hushicho at 7:57PM, April 15, 2022

Thank you so much for featuring this title and creator! I've always enjoyed Xailenrath's style, and I'm so glad to see it featured here. I love the fashion column!

hpkomic at 1:40PM, April 15, 2022

These are fun series of posts. I've been thinking a lot about fashion lately in my comic. Generally I try to have characters in new outfits in a regular manner, sometimes changing even within an issue as needed.

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