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Friday Fashion Spotlight 23: Sarah

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, April 22, 2022

Welcome to…
The DD Fashion Spotlight!
Number 23.

Meet Sarah from Simply Sarah. We've got quite a change here! Usually characters are in rather fantastic clothes, even when they're realistic they're still generally aspirational. Sarah actually wears every day realistic clothes! This is quite interesting, it's not just a single outfit or even a series of outfits, rather these are real clothes that she mixes and matches, adding a coat here, a shirt there, a cardigan, a dress, whatever! This is quite a feat in a webcomic and not easy.


This is just a tiny selection of the sorts of clothes Sarah wears, and she's not alone either, Sarah's partners and friends are just the same. In a webcomic it's easier to stick to one outfit or even a style theme because it helps more easily identify the character, and of course it makes it less work to draw and colour them. With the vast array of clothes Sarah wears it means more research, getting more inspiration for different styles and colours to use and really just a lot more work all around!
One thing though- it's actually more fun to draw your character in different styles. As a creator it can feel a bit stale when you don't get to mix things up occasionally, so maybe that's one of the reasons? Either way it certainly adds to the realism of the story.

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Ozoneocean at 12:33AM, April 23, 2022

The realistic clothes and other details help you become absorbed in the reality of the world and the character's lives.

hushicho at 2:54PM, April 22, 2022

It is such a lovely comic, with engaging, believable characters and wonderful everyday fashion that always looks so good!

Ironscarf at 12:15PM, April 22, 2022

There is so much to love about this comic and the attention to detail with the clothing you've zoomed in on here is reflected in every other aspect of the art too. Great comic making on so many levels.

kawaiidaigakusei at 11:40AM, April 22, 2022

Great work, skyangel! What an impressive assortment of outfits for Sarah.

Ozoneocean at 11:29AM, April 22, 2022

I'm glad you like it! 😁 I forgot to write that while these are realistic clothes they're often quite fashionable and stylish and that Sarah always dresses well.

skyangel at 10:23AM, April 22, 2022

It was a wonderful surprise for me just now to see this post! I've been following the run of this series but as you say, my characters are so normal I didn't expect to see them pop up here. You've really done your homework too so I feel very honoured you took the time to do this. It is fun for me dressing the girls and I think Becky gets as much fun choosing the colour schemes and patterns!

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