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DD update post 8th of December

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Dec. 9, 2022
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Site redesign update, NEWS!
Emm came up with a design template for our news page, it's half paid for and Alexey is working on it now. :)

Now we're just working out how the Search bar works. The idea is to have a single search bar instead of two like we do currently, depending on the site section you're in at the time.
This search will be context dependent, so if you're in the News section it will default to searching newsposts, if you're in the forums then it's a forum search and so on. But global search is still important too apparently so Alexey is working out a way to make it so you can search for anything in whatever part of the site you're in BUT with the section that you're in as the default search.

Bellow are the News templates:

Desktop news:

Mobile news:

Desktop news paginated:

Site work -

The previous update is here -
Comments and feedback welcome and needed as always!


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roma at 2:35PM, Dec. 12, 2022

The site design is looking good!

Ozoneocean at 7:46AM, Dec. 10, 2022


Casscade at 6:49PM, Dec. 9, 2022

@Ozoneocean: Ooh! That's a really fun idea for the logo area! I've drawn some holiday gators for CF and would GLADLY draw some ducks for DD as well! XD Haha! (Btw, if you ever need duck drawings in general for the site, feel free message me any time! XD I love drawing ducks! lol)

Ozoneocean at 9:42AM, Dec. 9, 2022

Yes, logo re-design. Ideally we'll just have a bunch of different logos we can rotate. Logos that members design, special trophy logos, commemorative ones, logos for events like Christmas and so on.

Jason Moon at 9:30AM, Dec. 9, 2022


PaulEberhardt at 4:39AM, Dec. 9, 2022

Same here: it looks great. The idea with the search bar makes a lot of sense and I like it, too. The global search addition Alexey is working on is really important, though. It should be easy to find, too, perhaps something like a drop-down-list with categories next to the search button?

marcorossi at 4:04AM, Dec. 9, 2022

I see there is a "logo to come" space in some images. Are you planning also a logo redesign?

Tantz_Aerine at 2:22AM, Dec. 9, 2022

Looking great!

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