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QUACKCAST 572 - Myths of fiction part 2

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, March 1, 2022

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Last week we did a thing of the persistent myths of fiction- fictional conventions that we all just accept, and are repeated over and over and even influence real life- for example: that people are blasted back in reaction to being shot. It started as a way of making shooting scenes more dramatic and obvious on film, but became a convention and we all believe it so much that it influences reality- it's part of the famous JFK conspiracy about a “second shooter” because people foolishly think JFK's head rocking “back and to the left” indicated the direction of a gunshot. The kinetic energy of a bullet is imparted to the medium it strikes, typically through heat and destruction when it hits a soft target like a human.

In that vein we cover a few gory myths, thanks to suggestions by Bravo1102 and Tantz's Red Cross experience. Everything from decapitation to period myths. Also some stiff about defibrillator paddles- they can't restart a heart that's stopped, rather there are two particular kinds of irregular rhythms that they are able to shock back to normal- I picked up that bit of info from my Ex, Amy- an excellent ER nurse. Uncredited in the Quackcast. We cover quite a few more. People's suggestions were great!

Lastly- We'd like to acknowledge the horrible invasion of Ukraine that has taken place. That is an awful thing for the world and particularly the civilian population of Ukraine itself. We mention that in the cast. I don't like propaganda or tales of heroic military action and defiance, it's ridiculous and stupid. We stand with the civilians who're suffering. War is a horrible thing and we hate it. Tantz and I both do war themed comics and our perspective is a bit different from the usual. We recommend the comic “The Second Crimean War” on DD for a good perspective on Ukraine.

This week Gunwallace gave us a musical theme to Eva of Asgard - Thunderclaps, followed by a slow, steady downpour that gradually increases in strength before collapsing into a furious, chaotic storm of electric guitar driven hard rock! An electric guitar strikes like lighting, illuminating the entire piece in sharp relief, till the metal tempest blows itself out and fades away.

Topics and shownotes


Thread about persistent myths in fiction -

The Second Crimean War - a great comic about the issues with Ukraine -

Featured comic:
Cassie York in the Purple Nowhere Part I -

Featured music:
Eva of Asgard - - by Synwells, rated T.

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Ozoneocean at 6:16AM, March 1, 2022

LOL! I agree. It might prevent infection from the initial wound but the damage you'd do afterwards would be horribly severe and the burn wounds would probably get MORE infected!

Andreas_Helixfinger at 5:29AM, March 1, 2022

All the talk about medical procedures and the way that works made me instantly think about that scene in Rambo 3, where John Rambo has this wound from a piece of shrapnel or something that went through his torso just above the hip. And how he pours gun powder into the wound and sets it all on fire to basically coagulate it instantly and stop the bleeding. I'm pretty sure that's not how that works and that any person doing that in real life would probably suffer lethal, internal chemical burns and would sure as hell not be able to climb a friggin mountain and re-infiltrate a military base on high-alert the next morning like he does in the movie. But it looks really cool and macho on film, so there's that of course^^

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