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Friday Fashion Spotlight 9: Bombshell

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Jan. 14, 2022

Welcome to…
The DD Fashion Spotlight!
Number 9.

Today Bombshell is blasting onto the scene! In her normal life she's Aria Conti, an explosives expert working for the United Nations, advising them on mine disposal. But she's also a superhero who tackles corruption and villainy under the guise of Bombshell, wearing a classic yet minimal costume all in glossy blue black… That's basically the theme of Bombshell: classic and minimal.


Bombshell's outfit comes in 5 simple main pieces: a bodysuit in glossy black, armoured black latex, with matching opera gloves, knee high boots, and domino mask, it's finished off with a svelte metallic cybernetic glove on her left hand that gives her colossal powers. The bodysuit is quite skimpy, low cut and off the shoulder at her large bust (obviously requiring a lot of structure to stay in place), and very high cut at the thighs and buttocks, doing the best to show off her ample curves. Her domino mask is small and leaves a lot of her lovely looks on show. The opera gloves come up to mid-bicep and do a lovely job of highlighting her bare shoulders through contrast. Her knee-high boots are armoured and meant for protection, the knee part is higher and provides extra cover. They again serve to contrast and highlight the curve of her thighs. The small cybernetic glove puts me in mind of art nouveau or even Witchblade.

Alternative look

Just a quick look at her alternative outfits here. We see her dressed as Aria Conti in her normal work clothes; it's standard yet slightly sexy office gear: white fitted blouse, short pencil skirt, stockings and high heels. In her Bombshell guise we see that she often accessorises her outfit with a large, brown, flowing trench-coat… More on that bellow.


We can see a few striking influences to her design, the main one that grabbed me was Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell. You can see that in the glossy black, skin tight latex, skimpy outfit, with the minimal cybernetics, contrasted with her bare flesh and her flowing brown trench-coat, which was a very classic look for the Major throughout the Manga but less so in the anime. The other clue is in her name- an obvious pun on her explosives work but also a huge nod to the 1930s classic pinup art that inspired her look, from the beautifully styled side parted hair, to the leotard, boots and matching opera gloves. You can imagine her painted across the nose of a WW2 B-17 heavy bomber. You can also see shades of the classic Playboy Bunny outfit that had its height in the 1960s.

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Ozoneocean at 11:14PM, Jan. 14, 2022

I'm glad you liked it guys! ^_^ Thanks for the extra insight into her gear and your choices Abt!

cdmalcolm1 at 7:50PM, Jan. 14, 2022

Nice! I love drawing her in HA. Nice spotlight. Wish I could draw more of her. Would be nice to see her in some new adventures.

kawaiidaigakusei at 7:35PM, Jan. 14, 2022

Awesome spotlight on Abt_Nihil. @Abt_Nihil, Congratulations!

Abt_Nihil at 12:01PM, Jan. 14, 2022

Whoa, that was unexpected! Thank you so much for featuring her. I‘m glad she‘s fondly remembered - even (gasp) nearly ten years after her last regular update. Yep, the design was all about simplicity. I caught some flak for it, but personally I‘ve always been quite happy with it. Apart from the classic pin-up and Major Kusanagi influences (well spotted!), I wanted it to echo the simplicity of early pulp hero costumes like The Shadow, who was really just a guy in a coat and hat. Then some symmetry breakers (hair and glove), and the rest is really about the physical attributes… (I guess her curves would be the analogy to the Shadow‘s long nose? Hmm…) Also, some costumes are about concealing (e.g. Batman - putting on a mask), others about revealing (e.g. Superman - taking off the glasses and office clothes). Bombshell‘s is definitely the latter kind. When her actual gloves come on, the metaphorical ones come off. And yeah, the part of her costume around her bust is probably taped on :p

Neilsama at 8:56AM, Jan. 14, 2022

She's pretty hot.

Andreas_Helixfinger at 8:23AM, Jan. 14, 2022

Yeah, I saw your comment about that in the forums. Hope you'll recover soon👍 As for this spotlight, what can I say. A buxom superheroine in a revealing bodysuit is bound to get my attention when I see her😲😲😲 And this is certainly one of those cases😜She's drawn absolutely lovely😍

Ozoneocean at 11:55PM, Jan. 13, 2022

Phew! I just finished this one in time... I'm sweating bullets with only a few minutes to go. Hahaha! Two days out of surgery and still recovering.

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