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QUACKCAST 566 - feeling the vibe!

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Jan. 18, 2022

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Let's talk about total immersion… When consuming media rather than creating it, if you're lucky you become immersed: the struggles and fears of the character become your own. You feel for them, you care, their pain, their hunger, even their shivers and sweats, you care about the world in which they live…
That can be an amazing feeling and it's pretty much WHY we really enjoy and keep consuming media. Themes, great visuals, intellectual explorations of ideas and concepts are all very well but nothing compels and excites you as much as when you really CARE what's happening.
So that's what we're chatting about!

Tantz and I talk about some of the times when we've felt really immersed in a story and what that felt like. It's amazing how comics, movies, games, radio plays etc can take you away from your present and plonk you into the world they're depicting. Personally I find the less visuals provided by the media the easier it is to be immersed (so books and radio plays), because most of the story has to be built in your head, but you can find immersion with any media. That's why when its over you feel so bereft and marooned: you've been bumped out of that world. It's also why we want sequels so much and are usually always disappointed by how they turn out: we don't really care about another story with the character starting over, what we want is to live in that world with them one more time, and when it's inevitably not the same (because most writers don't understand the real point of a sequel), we're unsatisfied.

This is also the main reason I don't like horror movies: I will become immersed in the story so I feel the pain and fear of the characters, I care about them too much so horror movies depress and sadden me if I let myself become immersed.
What are your experiences with story immersion? Are they good, bad, do you love it or just not care too much?

This week Gunwallace has given us the theme to Dude in Distress - a classical, slow, dancing promenade… careful steps in satin slippers on mirror polished wood… At full speed we’re launched into relentless movement. Hydraulic, electric servos of enormous power push us ever on, altering the world in unimaginable and extreme ways.

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Dude in Distress - - by EssayBee T, rated T.

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Ozoneocean at 7:02PM, Jan. 18, 2022

Easybee can be your porn name ^_^

Ozoneocean at 7:02PM, Jan. 18, 2022

Reality TV is indeed horrible. But some people even find that immersive O_O

cdmalcolm1 at 10:27AM, Jan. 18, 2022

I know these tv series I fully vested time were, Fringe, Deep Space 9 and Once Upon A Time. The journey of these seres for me was great. The endings were sad and leaving wanting more. It was like losing a friend. I don’t know if that makes sense but the attachments felt real. There were more shows but lately only one show that grabs me is ‘Yellowstone’. Before that one it was Sons of Anarchy. Reality TV Just sucks the fun out of watching TV and movies.

EssayBee at 7:13AM, Jan. 18, 2022

And Gunwallace's Dude in Distress theme is great! The electric guitar tone reminds me of the tone from the Batman Beyond theme, which is a sure way to score bonus points from me. Also, Ozoneocean isn't the only one to have thought my name was "Easy" Bee instead of EssayBee. The name (and the Essay Bee Comics logo) is just a play on my initials, SAB.

Ozoneocean at 7:12AM, Jan. 18, 2022

Same with me Essaybee! I couldn't even begin Gormenghast because of all the endless description... The Worm Oroburos by ER Eddison was tough, I almost gave up because if the intricate over descriptions 😅

EssayBee at 7:01AM, Jan. 18, 2022

The "less visuals" take on immersion is a great observation. Radio dramas with good sound design can be very immersive (e.g., the Star Wars Radio Drama is brilliant), but even simple sound design (footsteps and creaking doors) can be enough for your brain to fill in the details. Prose walks a fine line. I appreciate a good setting description when given in broad strokes, but I find it harder to visualize when authors go into minute detail about the most basic things (e.g., spending two long paragraphs describing the swirls of woodgrain on a tabletop).

Ozoneocean at 6:51AM, Jan. 18, 2022

Oh I get ya...

bravo1102 at 6:09AM, Jan. 18, 2022

Just look for the SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY ads on YouTube. Brickyard 400, Monster trucks? Ha! INTERSTELLAR BATTLE GIRLS LEAGUE of SUPER WARRIORS!!!!

Ozoneocean at 5:13AM, Jan. 18, 2022

Hahaha! For me it's unexpected every time. It's like running up a high hill! By the time it's over I'm out of breath and so light headed I can't remember which side of my head my face is on! Such a long name hahaha!

bravo1102 at 4:47AM, Jan. 18, 2022

IBGLSW title is supposed to said in an imposing voice full of hype. It's something for an annoying fast talking announcer to spout over a PA in an arena.

bravo1102 at 4:44AM, Jan. 18, 2022

When I showed the title of INTERSTELLAR BATTLE GIRLS LEAGUE OF SUPER WARRIORS to my wife she laughed put loud and said,"that's ridiculous!" And I replied,"Exactly, you got it!"

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