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FEATURED COMIC --> Welcome to my House

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, March 16, 2022

One day a very clever, suave and stylish fairy fellow decided to run a social experiment… He wanted to know if a group of supernatural creatures and monsters could share a house together. So he let out his lovely house by a lake rent free to any creature who wanted to come, as long as they weren't human… This looks set to be an adventure and a groovy ensemble sitcom with a host of characters. I'm just waiting to see how it will develop! So far there are only two characters in the house but from the look of the header there's set to be many more! The art is simple but lovely and colourful with some cool effects. The story is a fantasy comedy. The setup reminds me of Hazbin hotel and our very own Charby the Vampiraite, so if you like those you will probably like this.

Read - Welcome to my House, by Zobazollia, rated E.



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