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QUACKCAST 573 - Join the cult?

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, March 8, 2022

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Cults are weird. Unlike normal religions (from which many cults stem), cults are usually based more around charismatic individuals rather than simple doctrine. Which means the followers of cults can often get a little crazy because they're following the whims of an individual rather than boring old text from a book. And this is why religious groups with charismatic leaders (i.e evangelical Televangelists and hardline Imams), become crazy and cultish too.

Our lovely Andreas Helixfinger inspired this cast with an idea about how horrible cults can be in fiction. He made a newspost about that on the last Sunday of February. One of the interesting things I find about depictions of cults in fiction are the difference between how the right and left show cults. The rightwing version of what a cults is usually involves satanism, pentagrams, goats, human sacrifice, blood, knives etc. While the more leftwing version is of a creepily nice, ultra conservative, uptight group of people who live in perfect houses, dress very neatly, have their hair just right and are usually very rich, but under the surface they're all creepy murderers or sex fiends or demon worshipers or something.

Some of the fictional cults we mention in the cast are various cults in Warhammer 40k; the Chaos cultists, the Imperial cult, The machine cult, the genesteeler cults… It's funny how the Chaos Cultists mirror our real world cultish people: Slaneesh cultists are sex maniacs B&D, S&M people; Khorn followers are death metalheads; Tzeentch followers would be Q-Anon conspiracy theorists; And followers of Nurgle wold be antivaxers.
Some good fictional cults were shown in The Wickerman, Midsommer, Hot Fuzz, Randal and Hopkirk Deceased (the reboot series) has about 3 different cult episodes, Welcome to NHK has a brilliant depiction of a multi level marketing cult (Anime is FULL of cults), and Tantz mentioned a great Korean movie with a cult: Keuraim Peojeul.

This week Gunwallace has given us the theme to Remedial Magic - Puddles and ripples of light and dappled shadow spreading outward ever wider and wider. Beads of light glow within, sparkles glitter and burn. This is a pleasantly thrumming piece of electronica that gently steps from note to note.

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Evil Cult Newspost -
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Remedial Magic - - by Sameth, rated T.

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Ozoneocean at 6:35PM, March 8, 2022

Haha, the Hot Fuzz cult was a straight forward parody of the British TV version of cults XD those cropped up in at least an episode of every show since the 1950s ^_^

Banes at 2:39PM, March 8, 2022

Very interesting idea about the partisan divide on what a cult might look like!

Banes at 2:38PM, March 8, 2022

For the greater good (Hot Fuzz)

Ozoneocean at 6:15AM, March 8, 2022

Kane in Command and conquer is a great example! :D

Andreas_Helixfinger at 3:56AM, March 8, 2022

Cool cultcast^^ Your talk about cults that are formed around a single, charismatic individual actually reminded me of perhaps my second favourite fictional cult. The Brotherhood of Nod in the Command & Conquer game series. It's this terrorist organization that is also a militaristic cult surrounding this man called Kane, who is their messianic leader who is suggested throughout the games to be the mythological, immortal Kane from the Old Testamente. He's played by Joseph Kucan in these really cool, ambitiously put together FMV cinematics in the games, and he is this really cool Bond-like villain who I feel embodies the modern, insane, prophetic cult leader with a megalomaniacal vision of the future and the next step in the human evolution.

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