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Time for the Start of the Next Chapter of Succubus

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, May 16, 2022

Photo: “How Do You Spell Pulitzer?” Succubus by Coydog and TheDeeMan. Chapter one. Page 36. 2022.

The collaborative duo behind comic works such as GAAK: Groovy Ass Alien Kreatures, The Continentals, Chevalier, HitGirlz and Sky Commander have an announcement. Coydog, the artist, has been creating the beautiful illustrations, and TheDeeMan, the writer, has been giving characters their voice for over the last fifteen years. Here is some fun news pertaining to their most recent featured comic, Succubus:

“Hi guys,

It's TheDeeMan here. Writer/creator of “Succubus” with the amazing Coydog doing her “artist thang”. Chapter one of “Succubus” has ended with vampire chick Bloody Mary's Hannibal Lecter style first murder. And it's just the promise of more bloodletting to come as Chapter two: “Living Dead Girl” begins. Coydog and I hope you'll join us. Because missing it would…ugh…suck. ;D”

Succubus Link:


Ten years ago she was violently murdered by a group of spoiled, rich sons of privilege. Privilege that would protect them from justice. But her death was the beginning of their end. Ten years later, she has returned with a thirst for revenge…And blood. Hell hath no fury–Like a woman reborn!!!

Excellent work, TheDeeMan and CoyDog! Now that chapter one is complete, it is a very exciting time to jump into the story and begin reading chapter two.

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hpkomic at 12:03AM, May 18, 2022

Excellent job getting to the end of the first chapter. Many comics never get that far.

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