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DD update post 11th of November

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Nov. 11, 2022
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Another site redesign update
Alexey continues working and coding this stuff up towards a full working front page. Thanks for all your support (especially on Patreon and with ads, it helps a lot), and comments and feedback, we really try to incorporate them and keep them in mind when we can. And even when we can't we try and remember them for when we WILL be able to use them. We're getting closer to having the new front page, though I'll have to warn you that the site will be a very odd duck for a while with the front page being a miss-match to the rest of the site till we can get it all to match.

As always, the preview is here -

The only real update we have this week are the default cover thumbnails for genres which you can see in the cover image for this update.
I'm making custom pics for all the genres. At the moment all the comics without a thumbnail have the same blank green and yellow panel page thing and it's really boring and off-putting, so Alexey and I decided on this solution. It means that if a comic has no thumbnail it will get one of these depending on its genre. Most of these are pretty basic, so in future I think we'll get people to submit nicer ones.

The Pinky TA cover on the top right is just there to fill out the space because I haven't drawn enough of these thumbnails yet. News pic at the bottom will be the default news image for when there isn't a cover image of the correct size.

The previous update is here -
Comments and feedback welcome and needed as always!


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Special thanks to our patrons!!

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HawkandFloAdventures at 5:22AM, Nov. 25, 2022

I'm really looking forward to the new changes. Ironic that I changed my series thumbnail recently, I might have to consider bringing back the old one given how good it looks here xD.

ThrisbyDude at 7:33AM, Nov. 12, 2022

I think you were referring to me when I said the white gradient is too much, Ozone. BUT I forgive you!

Ozoneocean at 11:12PM, Nov. 11, 2022

Thanks guys! @cascade- you're right, it fades out too much. @J Scarborough no change to user customisablility of comic layouts.

J_Scarbrough at 11:06AM, Nov. 11, 2022

Just to be sure, even if DD gets a whole new look and attitude, it won't have any effect on how we've customized our comic websites' overall layouts and designs will it? This has always been one of the major selling points for me as far as Smack Jeeves, ComicFury, and even The Duck are concerned, in that we've been able to fully (or almost fully) customize our comics' sites.

Casscade at 4:54AM, Nov. 11, 2022

I'm completely new here but loving the changes shown in the beta so far! Very excited to see where the site goes. ^^

ThrisbyDude at 3:20AM, Nov. 11, 2022

Nifty {new} pictures! Though, the "Adventure" and "Abstract" thumbnails could do without the white gradient, or at the very least, put the white gradient to a minimum in my opinion.

PaulEberhardt at 3:05AM, Nov. 11, 2022

These thumbnail designs rock! They're just the thing that I now realise had been missing all the time.

Jason Moon at 2:20AM, Nov. 11, 2022


hushicho at 1:21AM, Nov. 11, 2022

I absolutely LOVE these graphics! They have such personality and character, and I think that counts for a lot.

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