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Quackcast 603 - Players, Cads, and "fun" boys

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Oct. 4, 2022

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We are talking about the trope of the Cad, AKA the Player. F***boys are their little scrappydoo kid-brothers, we call them “fun” boys for obvious reasons… It's a fun trope which is often exaggerated for comedic effect but actually comes from a very real thing! There are a lot of famous pop-culture versions though like Barney Stinson, Pepe Le Pew, James Bond, and The Continental.

They're characterised by predatory behaviour, a focus on sex, shallow interactions, narcissism, caring a lot about their appearance, they're egotistical, manipulative, secretive, and deceptive. Often they can be wrongly looked up to as a kind of male hero ideal because of their seemingly easy catalogue of sexual conquests and their attractive, cultivated charm, but that's only because we ignore the emotional cost to the women they bed. They can be used as funny antagonists though and it's always a joy to see them get their comeuppance, as long as it's not excessive.

So that's the topic here! What do you think of cads and players? Know any good ones? Which is your fave? Have you dealt with real life ones or are you one yourself?

This week Gunwallace has given us a theme to Joanna Ghost Hunter - Wondering creepy spirits, wafting slowly here and there, defying all known laws of physics as they defy gravity, emit light without energy and effortlessly pass through walls… This tune conveys all sorts of weird creepiness. All the world is grey in sleepless perpetual twilight.

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Blank -

Featured music:
Joanna Ghost Hunter - - by Zarpaulus, rated T.

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Gunwallace -
Ozoneocean -
Banes -
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Ozoneocean at 8:55PM, Oct. 5, 2022

He BECAME the accent :D

Ironscarf at 6:52AM, Oct. 5, 2022

The worst! Also a very talented voice artist who could even do female voices convincingly. He decided early on that using the exaggerated RP accent in place of his own would improve his chances and it seemed to work!

Ozoneocean at 7:02PM, Oct. 4, 2022

Such a dreadful bounder

Ozoneocean at 7:00PM, Oct. 4, 2022

Oh yes! I forgot about the wonderful Terry! How could I ever? The prototypical cad! The godfather of the genre ^_^

Ironscarf at 7:17AM, Oct. 4, 2022

People who are best avoided, but make for great characters. My favourite by a country mile is Terry-Thomas. He created and refined his character in the first comedy show on British TV, How Do You View, which he mostly wrote himself to begin with. By the time he got to Hollywood they wanted a much simplified portrayal, but in British movies like School For Scoundrels he is brilliant.

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