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Poetry Time 9: The Pledge

Andreas_Helixfinger at 12:00AM, Sept. 25, 2022

This sunday's poem is contributed by DD member TheDeeMan. This is The Pledge by Darryl Hughes aka TheDeeMan

If my hands were not to touch your hands, or hold them soft in mine.
If my eyes were cast to darkness, so your beauty they cannot find.

Or see your face. Your gentle smile. Or touch your lips to mine.

If ever I were to lose my voice, never again to speak your name.
I'd bear the guilt, and all the fault, I will weep aloud in shame.

If ever you were to leave me, and travel so distant miles.
Be damned my pride, I'll wipe the tears, I'd shed so like a child.

If ever I were to leave you, though I know this cannot be.
Damn my soul to loneliness, to dwell in my foolery.

If ever you were to weep my name, with tears the like of dew.
Give me the strength, to match your tears, and say, “I love you too”.

Helixfinger Out!



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