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FEATURED COMIC --> Night Lights and Dark Places

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, April 5, 2023

James has been a cave-dwelling monster with a fascination for humans, much to the chagrin of his sister, Mum, and Victor (no relation). The night is young, the forest dark, and a few humans are lurking in the same area as James mistakenly believe he has a brain injury. In the moments following an unplanned hospital visit, James is about to run into the fashionable Tolly, a red-haired girl with misplaced keys who is about to relearn the importance of not judging a book by its cover.

The art begins with muted warm grays and olive greens before switching to a vibrantly colorful palette. This comic story has full sized pages in full-color.

Take out some eyeglasses intended for night driving and read Night Lights and Dark Places by shibazoid, rated M!




J_Scarbrough at 8:17AM, April 5, 2023

Something about this comic looks familiar, I think I may have glanced at it a time or two on ComicFury in the past.

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