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Quackcast 630 - Entitled

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, April 11, 2023

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The Quackcast this week is about entitled bossy Karens. In fact it was originally going to BE “the Karencast” but the whole “Karen” thing is a bit sexist and pejorative. So why a Quackcast on overly entitled people then? Well aside from we stealing it from Tantz's newspost on Friday, those kinds of people make great minor villain characters. They can be comic relief baddies but they can also be deceptively dangerous when they really DO have connections to back up their arrogance!

We also talk about how human nature is often like a fractal, in that these patterns repeat at all sorts of different scales. In the case of the entitled you can see this in children's behavior, adults, corporations, and even entire countries. Tantz has an extensive background is psychology so she thinks a lot about this stuff! It was a good talk. If you're a Patron of ours, on this week's video we talk about the upcoming 2023 DD Awards and the new DD Anthology, and also a bonus minnie-Quackcast where we talk about the tragedy of comedians becoming serious actors, The Eternals and Dr Strange 2.

This week Gunwallace was too sick to do a Quackcast so I picked an old fave: the theme to Customer Service - slow, steady, cool. Dim the lights and slow dance to this gro0ve. Black satin sheets, sophistication, late night, let those clothes slip to the floor and get a little skin to skin contact.

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Ozoneocean at 4:53AM, April 11, 2023

Of course, petty revenge is never good. But the kangaroo court of public opinion is a whole other subject in its own right.

InkyMoondrop at 1:17AM, April 11, 2023

Yeah, I mean if your safety is threatened or someone is doing something illegal and you capture material for the authorities to verify your claims, I've nothing against that. But I still think it's none of my or any strangers' business to take revenge by "just writing down our opinions to her employers" or "just calling their friends and family to tell them our opinions" or doxing the person in any way. It's the kind of thing that destroys lives as well and people get away with every single day, because so many does it and so many think that they're in the right, that it goes without any consequence. But I'm supposed to just think of it as rightful prevention of harm? Nah. Material is good as evidence for any legal trouble, but when it becomes the average Joe's and Jane's turn to stomp on someone already on the ground, fuck the public opinion.

Ozoneocean at 1:16AM, April 11, 2023

I remember one example- I was waiting with my friend at the US Mexico border between Tijuana and SanDiego to cross over back to the USA. There were a whole bunch of Mexican people (probably day laborers mainly), waiting in the long line to get into America. Along comes this very officious American dude from the Mexican side. He was big and tall and seriously entitled. He DID NOT want to wait and absolutely couldn't see why he should. He complained an blustered. Then he got fed up and decided to clamber OVER the crowd! He was literally walking on people, stepping on their faces. He believed he could because he was a US citizen, he thought he had the perfect right to step on the Mexicans... Luckily the border police came rushing over, tackled him, pinned his arms and took him away for an "enhanced" search XD It's not an exaggeration to say there was a cheer from the crowd, but it was a little subdued as you can imagine.

Ozoneocean at 1:03AM, April 11, 2023

I think the true examples (rather than bad day or mental health people) of the entitled people being entitled are very important to capture on film in order to prevent the danger they cause. For example, the lady that claimed the black guy in the park was attacking her when all he was doing ask asking her to leash her dog. Without that sort of footage he could have been killed. So, rather than apoplectic "Karens", it's more important to catch out the overly privileged and conceited people that risk harm to others by their behaviour.

InkyMoondrop at 12:12AM, April 11, 2023

Honestly... I think the whole "Karen" phenomena is pathetic. Jerry Springer and the likes popularized televising people with mental health and life issues at their worst so the audience could be entertained while they pass judgment and feel good about themselves in comparison. Now the show is a "social justice" thing, where nobody escapes public humiliation if they have a bad day or a bad week even, because everyone is a walking camera now. And the good people are always hungry for more blood. "Karens" might behave terribly at times, but I could never hate them as much as the self-righteous, faceless crowd that won't even recognize its own cruelty anymore.

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