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FEATURED COMIC --> The Ballad of Bill

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, April 19, 2023

Catch a glimpse of a typical day shoveling on the farm. The single male Rooster crows, “Cock-a-Da. Cock-a-roo.” Sunlight erupts from behind the barn. Set in the non-fictional Canadian province, New Brunswick, just North of Nova Scotia, and sharing a border with New England, in the Northeastern United States. One man, one mule named Horace, and one more additional man play out the entire scene of episode one. The delivery of the jokes are sure to be a pun-enthusiast’s delight.

The art is drawn in mostly charcoal gray and cream-beige scale, with a creative take on comic panel outlines. Prepare for the upcoming Episode Two: Deadname the Pirate.

Appreciate the rich field of double entendre-filled jokes in Episode One: Horace the Mule, and read The Ballad of Bill by TheBalladofBill, rated E!




TheBalladofBill at 7:37AM, April 27, 2023

Thanks so much for featuring us! We just uploaded the second episode.

kawaiidaigakusei at 9:53PM, April 19, 2023

Thank you, Coydog! I will make the edit right now.

Coydog at 8:17PM, April 19, 2023

Hi from another New Brunswicker. New Brunswick is a whole province and we've got several cities :D

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