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Quackcast 617 - Adventuring we go!

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Jan. 10, 2023

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Adventure is a fun genre! Not as many things get made for it these days but it used to be hugely popular in the past. It's one of my favourite genres and this is what we're chatting about for the Quackcast. What IS adventure? I think it usually involves a whole lot of different things like exploration, action, discovery, heroic protagonists, rivals, travel, exotic places, fights etc. It can be set in the past or in the modern day. Good examples are The Mummy, Indiana Jones, the original Tomb Raider, the two new Jumanji films, Strange World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ducktales, Tailspin, Jungle Cruise, Uncharted and so much more. I'd love to know your faves!

Adventure stories have a basis in reality, real life explorers like Sir Richard Francis Burton, Marco Polo, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. And from this background there's a negative connotation in the adventure story DNA: because it comes from a world of colonialism and imperialism. Adventure often involves an emissary from the known world in the west going off to the unknown world in the east, Africa, or South America to see exotic places and discover new things, which of course are not exotic or new to the locals that actually live there!
But even so I think it has a valid rationale because these things were largely unknown and exotic to the wider community in the west and this was the way they found out about them. Adventure stories also work perfectly well from other perspectives- the adventurer can originate in Africa, China, Polynesia and wherever else and they can be exploring Europe or any other part of the world and it works just as well.

No theme from Gunwallace this week because of the holidays, so more best-offs! These are the two themes Gunwallace made for Bottomless Waitress from Quackcasts 423 and 490 -
- Theme number one is such a happy sounding, Southern, joyful track, filled with banjo and layers of guitar, twanging away… bringing notes of sunshine, natural wood, the light glinting softly through tree leaves and making dappled shadows on the ground… Perfect for an advertising jingle!
- Theme number two: Revenge of the banjo! We start off with a tractor roaring into life and a banjo opening us up to the sounds of rural Midwest America- wide open corn fields, golden wheat, grain silos, quiet back-roads, haystacks, big red barns, and a kinky little diner where the coffee is bottomless and so are the staff!

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Ozoneocean at 11:14AM, Jan. 10, 2023

@Tantz Thankyou haha!

Ozoneocean at 11:13AM, Jan. 10, 2023

@marcorossi that's a fascinating insight 😁♥️

Tantz_Aerine at 3:53AM, Jan. 10, 2023

These cover images are getting better and better XD

marcorossi at 2:41AM, Jan. 10, 2023

Depending on how you define "adventure", a lot of Sci-Fi where the heroes go around in space and discovery new worlds also fits into it. So do stories about Antlantis, lost worlds etc. I think the idea of someone going in strange, foreign and mysterious lands predates european colonialism, it is in some sense an "archetype" (because even in the baboon part of our mind discovering new places is exciting), it is just that during european colonialism from the point of view of europeans what happened in the real world had fascinating similarities to the "archetype" of going into strange, foreign and mysterious lands.

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