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Quackcast 637 - Rumours

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, May 30, 2023

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Rumours can be damaging stories deliberately spread to harm people, they can grow organically of their own accord. Salacious rumours replace truth and stick around in history, like the silly stories of Catherine the Great and horses, Nero fiddling while Rome burned, Marie Antoinette saying “let them eat cake”, or the famously wealthy Roman general Crassus dying by having molten gold poured on his head. All rumours and silly stories but they become stronger than real history.
Then there's the notorious story of poor Fatty Arbuckle and how he supposedly killed a woman during a sexual act due to his ‘enormous bulk“. A complete and utter fabrication but it destroyed his career and is still believed today.

Rumours can be hurtful, they grow in size, they spread and redefine stories, but they can be used as a really clever writing trick too: to cause tension and conflict: give unreliable narration, to cause humorous misunderstandings, to grow the legend of a character, for misdirection, and many other uses. It’s a great album by Fleetwood Mac too 😚

These days we seem to have a big rumour problem caused by ”fake news“, usually from clickbait news advertising sites that pretend to be satirical, and the spread of things like deepfakes. People wonder what we can trust. But the truth is that sort of ”fake news" has always existed, as long as humans could paint walls or speak language we've been making stuff up and spreading bullshit. There were plenty of lies spread about Romans and Egyptians in the old writings, and heaven knows how much garbage cavemen used to paint on their walls about each other! There were fake documents written about the excesses of the inquisition by protestant forces and Catholics did the same thing about protestants and the excesses of their brutality. We also have the myth of the Illuminati and conspiracy theories etc.

Have you ever believed a stupid rumour? Have you ever had one made up about you or have you made up one about another person? Do you use them as a story writing technique in your comic?

This week Gunwallace has given us a theme inspired by The True Face (end credits) - A reverential, yet joyous, celebratory tune with a ritualistic sound given by the mysterious, repeated chorus. A distorted electric guitar, drum, and bells provide continuous rhythm, while vocals range from sepulchral tones to an overlaying, madrigal-like chorus in some unusual language, (originally Quackcast 450).

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Ozoneocean at 5:19PM, May 30, 2023

@PaulEberhardt - ah, but we still hear them about famous people and politicians every day :(

Ozoneocean at 5:18PM, May 30, 2023

@InkyMoondrop - Thankyou! ^_^

PaulEberhardt at 1:23PM, May 30, 2023

Long ago, I had to experience first-hand what it's like to be the target of a rumour. I retaliated in kind and managed to give that woman a generous dose of her own medicine that hit really hard. Ever since, I've pretty much had it with rumours. But I see their appeal for fiction, and anything that means some fun at the expense of those who spread them is fine by me.

InkyMoondrop at 10:17AM, May 30, 2023

Nice touch on the album cover.

Ozoneocean at 3:31AM, May 30, 2023

@marcorossi Hahaha!What I love about myths like that is that they grow in the telling XD Each version has WAY more detail than the last hahaha!

marcorossi at 1:39AM, May 30, 2023

My favourite ancient rumor is that about the Popess:

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