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Banes at 12:00AM, June 1, 2023

I could've saved this one for Halloween -

When I was a kid, my aunt (only a few years older than me) sent me up to the attic to get a boardgame. When I opened the attic door, a plastic doll that was taller than I was fell forward on top of me.

It was a clever prank by my aunt, but little Banes was an innocent lad, and the moment created several years of recurring nightmares for me about gigantic monster dolls.

There were two or three variations, but I think I had the dreams dozens of times. One where my brother and I scrambled to hide from the doll, and it found and grabbed me to take me away, and another where it was coming up the basement stairs and I threw shoes down at it to stop it (finally i was fighting back!)

The movie Dead Silence had a flashback sequence featuring a little boy and a giant doll-like woman that reminded me very much of those childhood nightmares.

Genejoke is spearheading the next Duck Anthology project, and the theme is DREAMS! Check into it on Discord, or in the forums on the duck:

Have you ever plundered your dreams for stories? Every had a recurring nightmare or dream?

See you next time,

Pleasant ones!


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Ironscarf at 12:40PM, June 2, 2023

@Ozoneocean that snippet of sleep science explains an awful lot! What's interesting to me is that the degree of emotional involvement in the dream is at least equal to and often much greater than the story that makes waking sense. That suggests there's a much deeper level to story telling and perhaps the popular storytelling models are just distractions. Once the conscious mind in satisfied, maybe then we get to the good stuff!

bravo1102 at 12:53AM, June 2, 2023

Some of us are aware that we are dreaming and make active revisions to a nonsensical story as we're dreaming it. It's all in how much you have internalized your story telling instincts. I have occasional nightmares where the sleep paralysis turns off before the dream ends and I'm thrashing about and even kicking furniture.

Ozoneocean at 7:48PM, June 1, 2023

@Ironscarf- There's a good reason that dream stories seem amazing at the time but in reality are a confusing pile of nonsense: It's because while we dream our reality checking sense is turned off so we don't easily get shocked out of our dreams and wake up. So our brains do what they do and connect together random ideas and images into an overall narrative and it seems all normal and ok- because the whole point is to try and keep you asleep while your brain is in shutdown mode. That's also why your physical control is also usually cut off, so you don't injure yourself or get up and run around etc We get a taste of that with sleep paralysis, which is that shutdown feature turning on at the wrong time.

dpat57 at 3:43PM, June 1, 2023

Have you seen the price of sexy gigantic monster dolls nowadays, it's just scandalous.

PaulEberhardt at 11:51AM, June 1, 2023

Sweet dreams are made of thiiiss... I actually dreamt up stuff that held up to awake scrutiny so well I made comic episodes out of them. This is one of them: So, yeah, I dream of slapstick sequences - I've always thought of that one as an animation, which however I'm way too lazy and inept to make. There's other stuff from my dreams that even has complete dialogues and that I've been trying to get around to drawing for years. The scripts still hold up to scrutiny whenever I pick them up and I'm glad I wrote that stuff down - not that they didn't need a good deal of ironing out in a fully conscious state. I think it works for me because I can dream lucidly to some extent - no fancy techniques involved, I'm just one of the people to whom it comes naturally - and probably that's technically cheating.

Ironscarf at 6:38AM, June 1, 2023

I've occasionally woken up and written a dream down, thinking it was an awesome plot, only to read again later to find it made no sense at all. I only recall on dream that made a complete and satisfying story, but I sometimes borrow a character or setting from the sandman's realm.

marcorossi at 4:01AM, June 1, 2023

For a period I had a dream about an epidemic, which consisted in lizards entering my veins (and everybody else's veins). people hit by this lizard epidemic turned in some sort of zombie. I call that an epidemic but, since I was a kid, all this happened in the garden of the condo where I lived, that represented the wide world for me at the time apparently.

bravo1102 at 3:24AM, June 1, 2023

My recurring nightmare was a giant monster coming to my house. Each time a little closer and I'd get a little closer to the relative safety of my room. But no dolls. That's reserved for now when I have dreams about my comics' casts rebelling against my scripts. Lol

Ozoneocean at 2:00AM, June 1, 2023

That doll is coming to get you Banes. ^_^

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