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kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, July 10, 2024

Miss Oaktree is burned out from overwork and has been ordered to take a much needed vacation with hotel plus amenities paid in full, courtesy of her boss. Greeted by a blond bellboy, who holds various job titles around the hotel, from concierge to tiki stand bartender to taxi driver, this double-shift loving acquaintance is about to become really familiar. Finally letting go of work-related stress and spending what felt like an entire weekend partying, Miss Oaktree checks her phone (as per the blond bellboy’s suggestion) to discover that it is still Friday the 26th.

The comic itself contains additional content such as coloring pages, word searches, and maze puzzles, making it the perfect accompaniment to pack when visiting an actual hotel.

Attempt to escape the Marble Tower Hotel and read The Hotel by pinupcitizen, rated T!




plymayer at 2:06AM, July 11, 2024

Looks cool. Will have to give it a go when I can.

Hockey Webcomics at 4:01PM, July 10, 2024

pinupcitizen is amazing

marcorossi at 3:06AM, July 10, 2024

This comic is quite surreal.

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