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FEATURED COMIC --> Drunk Duck Awards 2024

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, June 12, 2024

Photo: “FYC: High School Musical” by agentny003. (2024)

Can you hear the comics Sing? Singing the songs of Musicals—it is a project run by community members that is so jovial. Nine-hundred-thirty-six-thousand-forty-seven comics uploaded to The Duck’s official database. Who am I? Three-Six-Nine-Four-Seven!

Welcome to the 16th Annual Drunk Duck Awards (2024 Edition). This year’s awards is hosted by the Master of Ceremonies, Niccea. The Awards have a Musical theme, which has a nice ring to it, so have out a dancing cane, top hat, and your finest tapping shoes and join in on the festivities. Everyone is Invited and the Ballot Box is open from June 9th to July 6th 2024.

*The winning designer of the 2024 Award Design Contest is mks_monsters!

Sing along to the jellicle comics made by jellicle Ducks and read Drunk Duck Awards 2024 by Niccea, rated E!


Voting Ballot Link:

Photo: “FYC Rap” by Genejoke. (2024)



agentny003 at 10:46AM, June 14, 2024

@J_Scarborough: Believe it or not it's not rock Luna is singing; it's hispanic music. Don't let the instruments fool you.

J_Scarbrough at 9:21AM, June 12, 2024

Hubba; them's some hot rocker chicks!

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