No job Sucks #83

oldguy85 on Sept. 29, 2009

Yeow man just something here to show I'm not joking HaHa!

Thanks guys for commenting. Really gives me a lift!

@ Dark Pasqual, Yeah beer's an aquired taste. I bet you enjoy a good red though. No?

@ Plymayer, Ben Franklin is one of my heroes and I think that Wild Turkey should be the national drink!

@ Peipei, Well at least beer commercials are more interesting than car commercials Hee You mind yourself and take care! Please?

@ Gillespie, Mr Cosby was so great on Disk, but TV took his humor away! He's so cool Live though!

@ Walrus, No disparaging jokes here. Unless I'm poking fun at Me and everyone else!

@ Machinehead, Hell Yeah, bud, Bark at the Moon beer might just sell too. Very good point!

@ loulouloulou, You are quiet as a mouse. I hope that's a good thing.

@ Mushroomcomix, Hell Yeah!!!

@ webcomicsheh, HA! HA! You so Right! shhh on the HO's

@ Kyupol, Hypnosis has never worked on me but good point!