Where's the real beer? #82

oldguy85 on Sept. 22, 2009

So here's one I've wanted to do for a while about
all those nasty tasting beers that give you a
headache and die-a-rear!
Sorry about leaving the Pirate Day thing up so long!

@ Dark Psqual, Yeah, I don't know how to talk like a pirate anyways. Yar!

@ dontworrybehappy, aarrrgh!!! hey you scared me girl! haha!

@ BffSatan, Yar! back at ya! Thanks man.

@ Peipei, I guess this isn't a day we put on our calendar, huh?
Well Yo Ho Ho anyways! Thanks!

@ Gillespie, I think that Capt. Morgan guy had something to do with the whole thing. Let's celebrate anyway Hardee Ho or something like that.

@ Mushroomcomix, Ah sidle on up to the bar dude, er I mean me matey! Thanks man!

@ Walrus, I don't think I know what a butt pirate is. Do I want to know?

@ Plymayer, aarrrgghh back to ya me matey! Thanks!

@ loulouloulou Hey there *waves hello* I'm missing Totty too!

@ Machinehead, Yeah I get looked at weird even when I'm shutting up. Thanks man!

@ dotdotdot, Yep, It wouldn't be right to leave out our little buddy Gilligan! Thanks!