Anyone still out there?

outskirtsoforgrimmar on Jan. 8, 2015

Hey everyone.

It's been a while, hey? I've missed the shit out of this place.

So the comic has stagnated for way too long and I feel that you guys deserve an explanation.

I am truly, deeply sorry for the amount of time it has taken to get anything out. Reading the comments on the last update by Ozz just breaks my heart. Hopefully this will make up for it. Sorta.

Since the last comic, Ozz and I have parted ways amicably (we still join forces for the occasional beer) along with:

-Me going into the film biz. Enrolling, being accepted into, and graduating film school with an Advanced Diploma under my belt

-Wrote a whole bunch of webseries episodes, short films, etc. all available over at

-started, deleted, and restarted several blogs.

-Ended up being diagnosed with depression, which has affected me on and off since 2011.

-moved out of my comfort zone, literally. am now residing in Sydney, NSW.

-Started my own business

In this whole time, I've missed the comic like crazy and the only reason I haven't bothered sooner, is I forgot my password, and the Duck's password reset feature is dead. Any support emails I sent bounced, until last night when the current admin-guy reset the password for me.

So now we're here, and -if you still give a shit about the comic, you're probably wondering where that leaves us.

Well, I have a shitload of free time on my hands between jobs now, and I grabbed a starter account for WoW (actually did this the last time I wanted to redo the comic and couldn't log in). As much as it is a glorified sprite comic, it's something I'm proud of and want to come back to.

I'm still working out what would work best in terms of an update schedule, and how much I can take on without burning myself out (again, the depression and owning a business thing) but ultimately, I want to continue, if you guys will have me.

Templates are downloaded, WoW is being installed. Time to get back and traverse the Outskirts of Orgrimmar.