marine on April 17, 2010


Today is the eighteenth, not the fifteenth. I sure had you guys going, didn't I?

I bet you're thinking, how awesome would it be if penis suddenly showed back full force! With all its scatalogical, racial, and most of all scientific logical fallacy humor, who wouldn't want penis back?

Well you can put down those razor blades and stop taking overdoses, penis shall return. Unfortunately, to return at full strength takes time. So you'll be getting a full thirty days of penis soon. Complete with all new, all different characters, storylines, and situations. Situations that satirically refrence situations that have happened in other situations! And the situations will be comedic in nature!

Take a look at some artwork that will get over used in penis until then. You could also read Werewolf or check out my contribution to Drunk Duck Zombies. If you're really missing penis, you could invest all your money into mind reading and look inside my head at what all the old penis cartoons looked like.

Could it be the month of June? Could it be July? Could it be stick a needle in your eye!? Find out, same bat time, same penis channel!