Episode 116 - Bravo in the Valley of the Dolls

Mar 11, 2013

This week Banes and I speak to the dangerous, paranoid, recluse known ONLY by the mysterious call sign: Bravo1102. We tracked this fearsome wildman down, deep in a dark forest, living alone in a lonely lone shack, feeding on squirrels and noodle flavoured earthworms. It was from this flawed mastermind that we gained fascinating insights into creating comics with photography, plastic action figures, painstakingly constructed sets, and hand built models. For Banes and I it opened up a whole new world... but at the end we realised that we'd only barely scratched the surface, so next week we plan on retracing our steps back to the lonely shack in the deep dark forest and once again confronting Bravo1102 and pumping him for all he knows!



bravo1102 at 11:53PM, March 12, 2013

The squirrels were my wife's stuffed animals and the noodles were my spare set of boot laces. You guys are weird. I told you there was plenty of leftover meatloaf.

Ozoneocean at 7:25PM, March 12, 2013

I'm not to sure they were for eating...

Banes at 9:49AM, March 12, 2013

Great title for the 'Cast...haha. And bravo ate noodle-flavored worms??? I was sure they were worm-flavored noodles! Gross, man!

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