Episode 117 - Figuring Out How to Draw

Mar 18, 2013

After Bravo1102 mysteriously vanished from his remote, smelly, shack in the wilderness, Banes and I were thrown back onto our own not inconsiderable resources in an attempt for a replacement topic! That was provided for us serendipitously by Skoolmunkee and her fantastic newspost about figure drawing! So Banes and I go into detail about the importance of drawing models from life and about some of the tricks of the trade- i.e. shorter poses tend to be more dynamic than the longer ones, and other helpful tips like using movies for reference as opposed to photos if you want to get better poses, scenes and see how clothes and fabrics work... The topic of this weeks Quackcast has inspired us to tackle more technical subjects, so next week: Photoshop!



gullas at 4:33AM, March 21, 2013

Brilliant quackcast, and I don't even draw!

ejb at 3:55PM, March 20, 2013

Life drawing techniques AND the art of the surprise massage, is there anything we can't learn from the mighty Quackcast?

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