Episode 124 - 60 Challenges in 60 Minutes

May 6, 2013

With ozoneocean away having fun this week, it falls to Banes and skoolmunkee to pick up the slack! Our chosen topic is "Challenges" - those longer-term thematic projects you see around, meant to get you off your drawing/writing duff and doing stuff that makes you better. They can be fun though! From the simple DeviantArt meme sheet to the gruelling Pokemonathon, we mention all kinds (although I'm not sure we mention sixty different ones...) for drawing, writing, and even a few for comic-making. Some are more famous than others, and some you might even just make up on your own! We do agree it's more fun to do them with other people, though. Don't forget you can find lots/get good ideas by searching for a likely challenge and adding 'tumblr' to the search.



Banes at 8:36AM, May 8, 2013

The echo lady XD

ejb at 8:15AM, May 8, 2013

I'm gonna have to try some of these out and get the ol' juices flowin'.

ozoneocean at 8:08AM, May 8, 2013

SO many great challenges from echo-lady and Banes the Brain! Such a dastardly supervillian duo!

ozoneocean at 11:35AM, May 7, 2013

When I get home I will listen to this!!!!

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