Episode 166 - Opinions on Weaponry and mecha

May 12, 2014

Continuing our theme on Mecha and weaponry in webcomics we opened the discussion to our DD creators and they had some very interesting things to say! I fact there were so many interesting contributions that we had to split it up over two Quackcasts- this being the first. We start of with a little comedy quiz on what's mecha and what isn't and then play another great music piece by Gunwallace, this time a theme for Pinky TA! Very appropriate to the discussion... Then we launch into the great contributions!



Ozoneocean at 4:31AM, May 13, 2014

Ha! Thanks man! :) I'm the Australian and Banes is Canadian. We do Western accents most because that's what we're best at... Banes has more range but I'm pretty limited. The artist name is "Chris Foss". Thanks again :D

BonesOfRuin at 3:38AM, May 13, 2014

Also your tales from the crypt accent was spot on toward the end!

BonesOfRuin at 3:38AM, May 13, 2014

Although i felt like yall where making fun of my country western accent in one or two of your reads, i really enjoyed the hell out of this podcast and also shared this on twitter! i couldnt find that chris farse guy you where talking about that does the giant mechs and space ships on google images. Again, the podcast was funny and charming as always, keep up the good work guys. Also is it weird i thought you guys switched names for a second? I though banes was the guy with the british/australian accent, and ozone ocean the other guy. weird..., im still sort of new here so its an honest mistake.

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