Episode 168 - MechaWeaponcast 2

May 26, 2014

Finally the last part of our Mecha and weaponry Quackcast, where we opened to the thoughts of the community to see what they had to say on the idea of developing and using weaponry and mecha in comics and how they go about it. We had some good discussion on the subject and some very thought provoking and intelligent opinions from obviously very well informed people; our DD community! Kawaiidaigakusei joined Banes and I again to talk this one out and provide some great opinions and insight of her own. Here's a correction: Shinji's suit in Neon Genesis Evangelion is actually blue and white!



Ozoneocean at 8:38PM, May 27, 2014

Thanks for the feedback man! I dunno, we don't like to say things like "fuck" if we can help it... normally. We can avoid bleeping stuff though. :)

BonesOfRuin at 3:24PM, May 27, 2014

Excellent podcast yall! But why was the "F" word bleeped out? im sure you've said it before along with several other curse words? Nothing wrong with keeping it family friendly, which is always a huge challenge and accomplishment it you can pull it off successfully without being trite, panderiffic and unnecessarily drawn out and boring, always be more adult swim like, and less pbs toddler toons, ya know? not saying your any of those things, just saying about cursing in podcast in general, because think about it, if any kids are listening its either going to be on an ipod or ipad with headphones, or on the computer or laptop with headphones, parents are never going to hear there kids listening to this so why bother with bleeping out harmless curse words? im just saying!

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