Episode 176 - Endings, part 3

Jul 21, 2014

For our FINAL part of our discussion of story endings we talk about yet MORE ending tropes, methods and styles. In a fit of towering arrogance and indefensible pomposity we even trash the mighty Shakespeare for his ending of Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet! Our contributors offered up some truly interesting perspectives on the matter or constructing story endings and we give them their due respect by reading them out in strange voices... As I've said in all of these so far: writing the end of a story is the hardest part so we hope to provide some clues on how to write a good one. Ad with that we reach the END of our exploration of ends! Next week we interview AMY and Nick from CHARBY THE VAMPIRATE!!!



Ozoneocean at 3:48AM, July 23, 2014

We will track them down and make friends of them! Beers ahoy!

Banes at 12:30PM, July 22, 2014

And I'm glad we finally learned who the Anti-Banes and Anti-Ozoneocean are! We have nemeses at last!!

Banes at 12:23PM, July 22, 2014

Great Gunwallace cut! And I think you used your editing scissors to great effect...the long silences and stuttering, mostly from Banes, are erased. Thank the Maker! Or the Cutter. And his scissors.

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