Episode 179 - Token representation in comics

Aug 11, 2014

There's no question in my opinion as to whether representation of different kinds of people in fiction matters. Having spent my childhood poring over superhero comics in which the girl's job is usually to turn invisible and press a button or something, I remember being impressed and delighted by some of the badass female characters in The Spirit. Lady-people could be cool, too?! Is it insulting when comics add token characters to their line up, or does it really make a difference? And what makes a token character anyways? -HippieVan. Banes, HippieVan and I focus on the subject of token representation in media, mainly comics. This discussion was inspired by a newspost HippieVan made in response to a new character in the Archie comic, which got a lot of interesting responses.



bravo1102 at 8:58AM, Aug. 13, 2014

Great theme for Robofemoids! We'll use it in the movie if it ever gets back the pitch stage. The female Avenger you're thinking of was Ms. Marvel who was one of my favorites. She was not only a token female but the token feminist. But every bit as powerful as any male. Maybe a prototypical "Girlz" tough guy-lady like in the Spirit.

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