Episode 207 - A question of bodyshape part 2

Feb 22, 2015

In Quackcast 207 we talk about bodyshapes in comics again; as a follow up from the chat we had about it in Quackcast 205 we thought we'd let the community weigh in with their thoughts... so Banes and I could get the chance to practice our voices. We wanted to know what others thought about the subject of about bodyshape in comics; Ones that they draw, read, or have just seen and think that it needs commenting upon. These Quackcasts were inspired of course by the images of athletes from the 2002 book "Athlete" by Howard Schatz. The photos show various athletes who're at the top level of their respective sports, it also shows that they have wildly different physical attributes: there IS no one ideal, and there IS no “normal”. This got us to thinking how body shape can define a character as much as facial features, hairstyle, clothing etc. Anyway, people had their say and it was enlightening! Also, Gunwallace's music this week was for FUNK! And funky it was, give it a listen.



Ozoneocean at 8:16PM, Feb. 25, 2015

It worked out well :D

VinoMas at 12:51AM, Feb. 25, 2015

{Enter VinoMas and Princess January hand-in-hand in the utmost royal way} VinoMas and Princess January approve of the voice used for VinoMas. It was fitting since the princess is a vampire. VinoMas and Princess January approve that you caught yourself reading the BIG BUDGET version of the actual quackcast that VinoMas had suggested and also approves of the quackcast itself. VinoMas and Princess January look forward to being in contact with you in the very near future about pay raises. :}

Gunwallace at 6:14PM, Feb. 24, 2015

In one quackcast I go from funky white boy to East Coast pirate. Actually, I guess that's not much of a leap. I'm sure most pirates smelt funky.

Ozoneocean at 8:50AM, Feb. 24, 2015

Lasers! I think that needs to be a new rule in Hollywood.

tupapayon at 7:51AM, Feb. 24, 2015

Great cast again… love the voices… I didn't comment before cause I know little about art… but regarding body shapes in superheroes I've seen variation, which is good… Victory, here in the Duck, is a superhero who's not the athletic muscular type… and as commented, body shapes can be also used as plot device and character development… now thanks to Kroatz, I'll be seeing laser guns in every action movie…

Kroatz at 4:55AM, Feb. 24, 2015

Pirate Gunwallace was amazing, and I hope he'll be sailing the seven seas for a while yet, and that we'll hear a lot more of him. It's not my fault that you guys have never seen an action or horror movie. Action = Lasers, Horror = Dead Family. There were a few interesting points in this QC.

ejb at 3:28AM, Feb. 24, 2015

The voice was eerily spot on. The greatest comic body shapes? I'd say it's a toss up between Modok and Uatu the Watcher.

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