Episode 226 - The Power of Contrast

Jul 5, 2015

In this Quackcast I interrogated Mr Banes on the subject of his first newspost: Contrasts. It's a subject near and dear to him, even his comic "Typical Strange“ has its name based on the concept, i.e. two words with the opposite meanings put together to create an effect. In imagery contrast is used to make darker shapes appear darker and lighter shapes lighter and to create a tension where those areas meet at the penumbra. In writing and comics it's much the same, ”laughter and tears“, ”good and evil", a sad scene contrasting with a joyous one etc. Contrasting makes both contrasted elements appear far greater than they really are, as well as serving as a source of tension, conflict, or humour. Banes and I talk about this in a rambling fashion. Gunwallace has a special treat for us today with a brilliant theme for Dead Leon! You'll want to ask him for a copy of his one ;)



Ozoneocean at 6:16PM, July 7, 2015

Bachelor party! Bosom buddies!

Banes at 10:05AM, July 7, 2015

@ejb - true! I've heard Tom joke about T&H a couple times though, but never heard him mention The Burbs, which is his masterpiece. Odd !

Banes at 10:03AM, July 7, 2015

@Genejoke - tune in next episode for "Adjusting your contrast and tracking"

ejb at 5:45AM, July 7, 2015

Another overlooked masterwork of contrast in the Tom Hanks catalog has to be Turner & Hooch.

Genejoke at 4:24AM, July 7, 2015

Why didn't you talk about the contrast function on the television? I was most upset you didn't discuss that!!!!!!!!! outrageous!!!!!!! lol

Ozoneocean at 12:13AM, July 7, 2015

Love that Dead Leon theme!

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