Episode 246 - Characters: Fictional Love vs Real Life Hate

Nov 23, 2015

Characters you would love in media but hate in real life! In this Quackcast, once again we have an ensemble cast of Banes, Ozone, Pitface, and Tantz Aerine, but THIS time we were also joined by the talented and studious kawaiidaigakusei! We wanted to talk about fictional characters we love in fiction but would hate if they were real. It was sort of an extension of last week's Quackcast topic, with that fiction VS reality vibe. Gunwallace's gospel themed theme for Jesus 2016 is hilariously great!



Ozoneocean at 8:01AM, Nov. 25, 2015

You're a tall poppy EJB

ejb at 5:27AM, Nov. 25, 2015

And here I thought my voice was a tad on the high side when, really, it's just that everyone around me drops their voice an octave as an involuntary creep self-defense mechanism.

Ozoneocean at 3:43PM, Nov. 24, 2015

I'm glad :-D Gunwallace did a lovely job!

rawdale at 11:43AM, Nov. 24, 2015

Awesome! I love the theme for Jesus 2016!

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