episode 282 - MOOD

Jul 31, 2016

The topic of THIS particular Quackcast is MOOD! And for no particular reason I dressed as the Mad Hatter, as typified by Tom Petty in the film clip to Don't Come Around here No More... So that was the mood of this Quackast... We based it on Bane's Newspost about creating Mood in comics from the book “Framed Ink” by Marcos Mateu-Mestre. The idea of creating mood with imagery is key to my own art practise in Pinky TA, I use lighting, angles, eye-levels, perspective, colour and many other combinations of effects to manipulate the viewer to feel the correct emotions for the scene... and that's exactly what we're talking about here! The music by Gunwallace this week is for Mindmistress, it's sexy, atmospheric, light, sparkly music from a futuristic nightclub in Saturn’s rings.

Topics and Show Notes

Topics and shownotes

Featured comic:
Man Bun - http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/Man_Bun/

Moody newspost by Banes - http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/news/2016/jul/20/mood/

“Framed Ink” by Marcos Mateu-Mestre - https://www.amazon.com/Framed-Ink-Drawing-Composition-Storytellers/dp/1933492953

Example of mood in Bottomless Waitress - http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/Bottomless_Waitress/5451939/
Example of mood in Pinky TA 1 - http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/Pinky_TA/4778518/
Example of mood in Pinky TA 2 - http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/Pinky_TA/4778699/
The Country of the Blind - HG Wells - http://www.thatmarcusfamily.org/philosophy/Amusements/Wells.pdf
Tom Petty the Mad Hatter, inspiration for the look of this Quackcast - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0JvF9vpqx8

Special thanks to:
Gunwallace - http://www.virtuallycomics.com
Banes - http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/user/Banes/
Tantz Areine - http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/Without_Moonlight/

Featured music:
Mindmistress - http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/Mindmistress_at_Drunk_Duck/, by alschroeder, rated E.



SLK8ne at 2:22PM, Aug. 3, 2016

Wasn't criticizing the film btw. Some people don't like it, but, the camera direction is amazing still.

Ozoneocean at 4:38PM, Aug. 2, 2016

Citizen Kane is an awesome film!

SLK8ne at 3:06PM, Aug. 2, 2016

Correction Orson Welles.

SLK8ne at 3:05PM, Aug. 2, 2016

After he calms down the camera assumes a normal angle and as Wells walks out of the room past the servants you see him in a mirror getting smaller and smaller. Then as he exits the scene he passes two mirrors facing each other, and a procession of smaller and smaller men march past with him. Whatever else you think of the movie, that was some amazing cinematography.

SLK8ne at 2:59PM, Aug. 2, 2016

A great example of using "camera" angles would be the rage scene from Citizen Kane. As his anger gets bigger the camera gets lower and lower to the floor. At some points the camera is practically on the floor looking up at Wells at something like a 50-60 degree angle. Emphasizing the room trashing by making Wells look like a giant.

SLK8ne at 2:18PM, Aug. 2, 2016


SLK8ne at 1:57PM, Aug. 2, 2016

Petty does have a weakness for top hats. There was also that post apocalyptic music video, "You Got Lucky" Which was kind of an homage to all those 70's B post apocalyptic films.

SLK8ne at 1:51PM, Aug. 2, 2016

Tantz is right Banes, you're fine.

Tantz_Aerine at 11:24AM, Aug. 2, 2016

Nobody likes the sound of their own voice Banes, don't worry you're just fine!

Banes at 10:44AM, Aug. 2, 2016

I could tolerate my own voice for less than 2 seconds. Gotta tone myself down or something...

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