Episode 298 - When death comes

Nov 21, 2016

This Quackcast was based on Tantz Aerine's newspost from two Saturday's ago: Death in comics. We lightly expand t to death in all pop culture in the Quackcast. It's an interesting topic! Not the one we were originally going to do though… We were supposed to all have pizza and interview VinoMas's Princess January, but no one got pizza except me and I gave Vino the wrong time so he didn't show up, hahaha! So that idea… died. Death in comics can be used a whole lot of ways; a promotional technique as in Superman, a way to get rid of superfluous characters, to show gore and a massive body count, to create tragedy and pathos, the create comedy and laughter, and more! We give examples from our own artwork as well as mainstream comics like Maus, Judge Dredd, Superman, When the Wind Blows, nd even great webcomics like Charby the Vampirate. Banes could not show for this Quackcast. He is NOT dead… not yet. Gunwallace is right there back in action and the theme he's given us this week is Ectopiary! It's darkly threatening and vaguely classical, a creeping, scary exploration of dark places.



Amelius at 12:04PM, Nov. 25, 2016

Banes came back to life!? Whatta copout! :P Oh yeah I gots some permadeaths of characters despite there being an undeath theme! I did kill someone temporarily once, but in a world where it's difficult but not impossible to come back from being double-dead. It's always important to set precedent and establish the rules before you resurrect characters willy-nilly, and have good reasons why one character gets a mulligan while another stays dead. Ey good show, even though it was a last minute topic it was interesting to listen to!

Banes at 12:42PM, Nov. 22, 2016

Excellent subject! Glad you're clearing the dead weight out of this show!

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