Episode 324 - The *Bleeping*cast!

May 22, 2017

In this Quackcast we discuss the interesting notion that censorship can actually be a positive force for creation. Sometimes working WITHIN restrictions of censorship can make you more creative and your work a lot more individual, special and more interesting. I came to this subject after reading a review of how Canadian standards forced very specific and particular changes on the TV show Reboot. Had it been made without the censorship restrictions then it would have been more of a generic show, because the methods they had to use to get around or appease the censors helped to differentiate it from similar children's shows. We also discuss how metaphor in song lyrics and symbolism in art and movies are used to talk about restricted subjects like sex, drugs, politics, and religion and how this is another example of how censorship has given rise to interesting creations. Great examples of obvious coded messages about sex are the song lyrics of AC/DC, Led Zeppelin. We also talk about howl ove songs with secret political messages were used in Greece to foment political revolution. And lastly we mention Heintai and ecchi in Japanese comics and anime and the Drunkduck ratings standards. The music for this week by Gunwallace is for Silly Sweetie, it's a dreamlike tour through clouds and wide heavenly vistas, this in turn leaves you feeling warm and refreshed!



Ozoneocean at 11:45PM, May 23, 2017

That's pretty cool :)

stinger9 at 11:56AM, May 23, 2017

The mention of "Barbie doll" censoring did remind me of one particular anime example I rather liked, NGE. The nudity in that isn't supposed to be viewed as a sexual thing, and the lack of any real sexual characteristics kind of helps drive home that. Makes the characters appear naked for the sake of showing vulnerability without it being comedic or sexual. The few occasions that it is supposed to be fan-service-y, things are covered up. Well, barring one scene particular scene that kind of breaks that rule, but without getting into details, works in the context. It's just one of those ones I always felt was a pretty good example! Also, the struggle to pronounce the comic name... I regret nothing :P

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