Episode 335 - Dialoguecast

Aug 14, 2017

Dialogue is one of the most important elements for storytelling in most webcomics (there are exceptions). But dialogue is often hard for beginners, writing out imaginary conversations to push stories forward, show characterisation, or expositions are skills that don't come naturally! Banes has given us a helpful newspost on the subject and many DDer's offered their own experiences. In this Quackcast we expand on all of that. Our music theme for the week by Gunwallace was for our featured comic: Kings Club. This is a modern mafia movie soundtrack, starting off eerie and atmospheric and then ramping up the cool and bombastic. There’s traditional theme bolstered by a hard gritty rock techno edge.



Ozoneocean at 7:24PM, Aug. 15, 2017

That's true. People shouldn't imitate the manga style with the dialogue, it's redundant because their original dialogue wasn't in Japanese characters. They have no need to follow the same stylings.

AmeliaP at 1:17PM, Aug. 15, 2017

About dialogue podcast, there is a part you mentioned about a Sci fi anime with an awful dialogue. It reminds me new artists/writers when doing their comics in manga style, copying those kind of dialogues, which makes their potential good stories in something... hard to read. And this practice is pestering many webcomic hosting. I know it's a hobby for many of them, but I saw many hobbyists with a high performance. They don't need to gimmick Japanese dialogues when they are drawing in manga style... imo. (at least, I saw many manga style webcomics with very good dialogues and art, but they aren't majority).

AmeliaP at 11:12AM, Aug. 15, 2017

OMG! I love it! THANK YOU! This theme is gritty and prelude of bad things mood... PERFECT! Also, I'm doing a game for Kings Club. Is there a chance I can put this theme there? (even if I have to pay for the rights, or if you are interested in royalty percentage as a way to go :)).

Banes at 8:37AM, Aug. 15, 2017

everybody's taaaaalkin' at me...

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