Episode 36 - Embrace the Rainbow

Jul 19, 2011

ozoneocean and skoolmunkee talk about color in this more conversational QuackCast. What it is, ways you can use it, what interests them about it... so a little bit of shop talk, but hopefully something there of interest to listeners!

Topics and Show Notes

Note: We had to use the backup Skype recording for this QuackCast, so apologies for any reduced sound quality.

There were no features this week due to the site changeover.

- What is it? Types of light and properties of objects
- What can color do for a comic?
- What can you do WITH colors?
- Things people could do to improve their coloring
- Is there a wrong way to use color?
- oz and skool's favorite ways to use color (and the problems they have too)
- Some bits of color theory here and there
- Some technical tips sprinkled throughout
- Even people who hate coloring can color
- Good examples, bad examples, unexpected examples
- Homework assignments!

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Banes at 5:25PM, July 31, 2011

Another great 'cast. You guys are so cute. Sorry, but you are. Skool, I don't like coloring either...haha.

Antionestrife at 4:19PM, July 27, 2011

You might want to call this episode laugh cast.It was funny. I have been expiermenting with different techniques myself. http://www.rainofgods.com/

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