Episode 373 - Stupid millennials, greedy baby-boomers and lazy Gen Xers!

May 7, 2018

Millennials are so dumb, Gen Xers are SO lazy, and those Baby-boomers are just greedy as hell aren't they? But seriously, in THIS Quackcast we chat about the different generations of webcomicers and what's changed and what we have to learn from each other. The first generation of real webcomics came in with Sluggy Freelance, 8 bit theatre and a few others. Webcomics started out in the mid 90s as the web version of “Zines”: independent creator driven personal projects. The second generation came about in the 2000s. Sites like Drunk Duck and Keen Space were a huge part of that. It made it easier for creators to make the jump online. We'd seen what those first guys did and now it was OUR turn, there were a lot of copy-cats in this generation, but a lot of experimentation and creativity too, with sound, animation, interactivity and infinite canvas being a mainstay. Later there was an explosion in hosting sites like DD and comicers moved on to other formats like Tumbler and Twitter etc. The pro comic publishers saw how things were going and tried to get in on the act with online comics too. I think the 3rd generation saw a lot of commercial focussed projects. Comicers saw it as a way to make money so we had a lot of slick, pro work flooding in. In the 4th generation I think we have people doing comics for mobile devices or ON mobile devices. A lot of the comic hosting sites have far more limitations on work than they used to in terms of content and format, a lot of stuff has a bit of a pre-packaged feel, you see almost no experimentation with format now. On the upside though quality is a lot higher and comic sites will reliably work a lot better than they used to. Styles have changed over the generations: In the old days most comics were fully drawn and scanned. Tablets were rare and very expensive and so were graphics programs. If you saw a fully digital comic back then you knew the artist was either a pro or they were at university with access to high level equipment - or it was dodgy work done with a mouse and Windows Paint. Those tools have become far more accessible now and the barriers have come right down. Most work is digital. What generation are you? This week Gunwallace has given us the theme to DreamcomicbookDOTcom! Journey into a claustrophobically narrow electronic service tunnel, filled with high voltage wires humming with unimaginable power and mysterious cables running off endlessly into the dim, dark shadows in the distance. The creepy patterings and low hum of this music will take you there!

Topics and Show Notes

Topics and shownotes

Featured comic:
SKY COMMANDER - http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/news/2018/may/01/featured-comic-sky-commander/

AmeliaP is a webcomicer that made the jump to pro - http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/Kings_Club/
Supermassive Black Hole, creative format - http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/Supermassive_Black_Hole_A_Star/
Elfwood, grand-daddy of web galleries - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elfwood
Powerup Comics, making fun of gamer comics - http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/Powerup_Comics/
Shaye Saint John, used to be an interactive, creative website - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaye_Saint_John
Sluggy freelance, first generation webcomic - http://sluggy.com/
8 Bit Theatre, first generation webcomic -https://www.nuklearpower.com/8-bit-theater/

Comment reply notifications newspost - http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/news/2018/mar/23/test-the-comment-notifications-today/
Reply Notifications - http://next.theduckwebcomics.com/user/replies

Special thanks to:
Gunwallace - http://www.virtuallycomics.com
Tantz Aerine - http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/user/Tantz_Aerine/
Banes - http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/user/Banes/
Ozoneocean - http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/user/ozoneocean

Featured music:
DreamcomicbookDOTcom - http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/dreamcomicbookDOTcom, by Btraven, rated E.



PIT_FACE at 4:22AM, May 10, 2018

though on the wayback machine, you cant see any of the weird gif animations or hear the music/ soundclips in background which was half the fun.

PIT_FACE at 4:21AM, May 10, 2018

Thanks a lot, cdmalcolm! shayesaintjohn.net isnt up anymore as website, but if you search youtube there are are some videos documenting it. It's also archived in the way back machine. Definitely worth a look!

Ozoneocean at 7:50PM, May 8, 2018

Thanks for that man :D

Ozoneocean at 7:45PM, May 8, 2018

Thanks man! That's a big, long review, I love it ^_^

cdmalcolm1 at 5:38PM, May 8, 2018

You all were extra funny today. OzoneOcean answered a question i wondered for years about the DD site and why we can't do Gif for animation panels. However, GIF can be done in the Authors notes. (El Cid Shows this almost all the time on his Pages of TransNeptunian author section.) Tantz bought a whole bunch of points about the Yesteryear comics of how they were being created for recognition & for bringing up a point about Germans not being called Nazis. (that's kind of like when Jesus Christ was alive not knowing about Christianity. using different names to describe a set of people.) Pitface, I'm still looking for that site you mentioned about animations with sounds & music. (& yes you do deserve an award, maybe a few for a bunch of things in Bones.) Banes hit it on the nose about the graphic novel being more cinematic & Comics more like Episodes. Interesting that a scroller comic is kind of like a cross between the 2. I think the Koreans kind of embrace the scroller comic. I think Webtoons kind of wanted to be an avenue for web-scrollers, but they also added a feature that Pitface mentioned earlier about the music options. I have not seen any one web-comic master that features. I'm GenerationX...i think, early 90's comic era to early 2000's. I could be wrong. I've been exploring with DD and ways to "Change" the layout format but Stay within the DD's parameter. Now that i found out what I can get away with, I'm going to Reboot My Comic SolarCell in the new format Here in June. So, I'm drawing that now and hopefully you all will like it.

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