Episode 457 - Religion in fiction 2

Dec 16, 2019

2 weeks ago we discussed the topic of religion in fiction: basicaly how we use real world religions to inform the perspectives of our characters and make the worlds more real, how we use religion in fiction, and how we make up religions for our worlds. We had so many great responses to this in the forum and about the Quackcast that we thought it'd be great to feature and chat about them! DD is a community after all and we love our community members to be a part of the Quackcast!

Topics and Show Notes

This week Gunwallace has given us the theme to Vagabonds Waifs and Strays. It's wonderfully serious introduction. View a vast panoramic wasteland, civilisation utterly destroyed, an end to all your hopes, dreams, and fears… The piano beautifully leads you in, step by step, as guitar soars high above, giving you a perfect bird’s eye view of the destruction spread out in all directions for thousands of kilometres far below.

Topics and shownotes

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Vagabonds Waifs and Strays - https://www.theduckwebcomics.com/The_Vagabonds_Waifs_and_Strays/, by Artisto Escondido, rated E.

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Andreas_Helixfinger at 1:54AM, Dec. 20, 2019

I know I'm kind of late on this one. Busy work schedule and other everyday interventions is a fact of life for us all. As for me. I have a hard time explaining my faith since it doesn't really exist on the map, it is not based or adherent to any specific religion and is more rooted in my personal experience of my life and the world at large. The closest reference to it I can give at this time is a mix between animism and pantheism. I have plans to incorporate my own fictional brand of religion and spirituality in future works, which does sort of tap into my own personal faith, once I've worked it all out a bit. Also I like to take up more comment space to say "thank you ozoneocean for featuring my comic". Silly as this might sound, I do take it as something of an honor. There will definitely be more quirkiness heading this direction, that I promise (Hellfinger. He he. I see what you did there^_^). All in all, great podcast, very, very fascinating subject, love seeing what comes next(Y)

Ozoneocean at 7:50PM, Dec. 17, 2019

Yes, people go on and on about young earth creationists but they don't even represent the majority of creationists, let alone Christians. - I'm an atheist and don't believe in creationism at all but I accept others do as part of a cultural tradition, I don't mind it as long as it doesn't conflict with laws or education. A great example of creationism in fiction is Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. And an even better one is Terry's Dark Side of the Sun, which was written earlier and talks about creation and gods from a scientific perspective.

Kou the Mad at 1:48PM, Dec. 17, 2019

"So no Agnostics then." Kinda, There's alot of Voidwalkers (The main organization in said story.) Who don't worship any of the Gods even though the know they exist, this is considered normal given who they work for. As for the 6000 years thing, many followers of the Abrahamic faiths don't believe that, alot of us know Earth was formed Millions, Billions, Trillions, etc years ago. I don't think I know anyone who believes that bit.

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