Episode 66 - Why do you do it?

Feb 27, 2012

After finally definitively vanquishing Ozoneocean last week, Banes is now top dog and chief superhero in the Quackcast universe. He begins his reign by trying to find out from the comicers on DD WHY they write and/or draw their comics, possibly as part of a dastardly plan. In Quackcast 66 we wanted to know what drives people to want to create? How did their comics come to be: Ideas-wise, writing-wise, editing-wise, and web-wise? Why did they choose comics as opposed to some other medium, like dance or archery? How/where did people's initial spark come from for their comic? Where do people draw ideas from? These and more questions are answered interestingly by many creative and clever people, giving us a cool insight into their work and hopefully your own as well.



Kroatz at 3:25AM, March 4, 2012

Yeah. That was pretty fun, you did mispronounce my name though. It's pronounced Kroatz. You know? KROATZ. Ah, nevermind. :]

RPGgrenade at 7:31AM, Feb. 29, 2012

update, that wine comics contest i mentioned is having a second one and i might enter it this time. you know for publicity.

Banes at 7:20AM, Feb. 29, 2012

Haaa! That's hilarious that you would mention that...it's the part I was nervous about, because the deep rich voice you called for there...well, it doesn't come easily...haha.

Ozoneocean at 2:25AM, Feb. 29, 2012

You really did do a wonderful job man! Your manner a voice are personable and humorous. And your imitation of NickyP in the DD soap was pretty damn good too!

Banes at 7:51PM, Feb. 28, 2012

thanks, ayes! Masterful, even? wow! :-D

ayesinback at 12:27PM, Feb. 28, 2012

Banes! It was Masterful!

Banes at 11:40AM, Feb. 28, 2012

@macattack - it's "Alpha FLIGHT", isn't it? And no, that's a modern age book (though it might be gone, now, I don't know). @lenadventures - oh really? sheesh! I never even questioned my assumption. Sorry about that, uh, dude!

lenadventures at 11:05AM, Feb. 28, 2012

Hey great job with the podcast Banes! It kept me entertained from begining to end. :D only one thing though... sorry for the confusion but... I'm not a girl! XD!

Macattack at 10:56AM, Feb. 28, 2012

Yes :P I am a guy... at least the last time I checked. Anyways, great episode as always! I'm really liking how the quackcasts have been going lately. I really should record myself some day so you guys don't have to read out my super long ramblings :P though I'm not gonna lie... I'd miss the voice. PS. When I did the research for Wireless like 2 years ago I found a number of superheroes including Captain Canuck and Alpha Squad but they all said they had been inactive minus a few guest appearances since WWII... though I may be wrong... I do know they're bringing back Alpha Squad

Banes at 8:31AM, Feb. 28, 2012

hahaha...thanks man. It was pretty fun, stumbling and bumbling my way through the thing.

bravo1102 at 3:21AM, Feb. 28, 2012

That was really good. You carried the whole show Banes. You have a "comfy family sitting around the radio" sort of voice like Garrison Keillor in Prairie Home Companion.

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