Episode 72 - Comedy Soap Omnibus: Two - You're Totally Looking At My Boobs!

Apr 10, 2012

A super special epic saga soap special! We have ALL stories ALL the time here with a pseudo-comedy overdose of silliness! Over an hour of stupidity and nonsense held together by the soap character versions of Ironscarf, Macattack Kroatz, Harkovast, "the Narrator", and two strange teenage "girls" who think everything is totally gross. Now is your chance to try and catch up on the last few episodes, 6 to 11. Marvel at Hippievan's crash and resurrection, Kroatz's out of body perv-fest, the drunken quest for ouzo, Skoolmunkee's butt-sister, lots of Harkovast. the sexily armoured Pit Face, and the infamous kiss.I dare you to listen to this and retain your sanity!!!! There's even a special bonus track at the very end...



BonesOfRuin at 5:29AM, March 12, 2014


FormerDDer at 1:36PM, April 15, 2012

Like, totally, he-lloooooo! Fancy QC.

Ozoneocean at 1:24AM, April 12, 2012


Banes at 7:38AM, April 11, 2012

Oh my GAWD! Are you SUHrious?

Ozoneocean at 3:18AM, April 11, 2012

I LOL'd ^_^ Teen Debbies need to take their show on the road! "I KNOW, right?"

bravo1102 at 12:36AM, April 11, 2012

Do it! We want the Valley Girl "OHMIGAWD" Quack Cast! There were times I thought two teen-aged Debbies had taken over. But then I am a perv and was staring at the flattest thing I'd seen since I visited Kansas.

Banes at 9:45PM, April 10, 2012

That Macattack character is one smooth, mellow customer! :-D

Macattack at 6:04PM, April 10, 2012

man! I love your version of me! I sound so relaxed and sane compared to my normal self ;)

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