Episode 75 - God Save the Genejoke! In 3D!: Part 2

Apr 30, 2012

I officially rename my co-host Banes as "Columbo-Banes" because just as we're about to fade into nothing, winding up, he comes in with "just one more thing" which just happens to be a freaking brilliant suggestion that makes us fired up all over again with great stuff to talk about, but also making us go longer and longer. In the end though, he's a loveable rogue that always solves the case... In a crappy raincoat. Genejoke continues to regale us with tales of three dimensional lore. We delve into filters, effects, lighting, colour, animation, programs, hardware, and then he gives some good examples of 3D comics on the interwebulatortron. Also, we meet the rest of his lovely family, in the distance. We finish up with a flush! ...or a flourish? No, it was definitely a flush.



BonesOfRuin at 12:21AM, March 14, 2014

Awesome, loved it!

gullas at 7:51AM, May 5, 2012

lol when you started talking about TF2, I was acutally playing it... how appropriate...

Genejoke at 3:15AM, May 4, 2012

AH, been a LOONG time since I tried using make human, maybe I was thinking of another program.. dunno, never mind.

Banes at 7:40PM, May 3, 2012

ah, I see! There's so much to it...you create a human model here, rig it there, render it over there, pose it/animate it over here...it's very confusing :-D

SLK8ne at 2:46PM, May 2, 2012

Actually, MakeHuman is open source and free. I think it's primary purpose is to quickly create a basic human model to export into other programs. The only limitation is that you have to release the model under a GNU/GPL license. Which means (I think) you can't sell them. But, if you make a 2D image from the model you retain full license. Here's their legal page. http://www.makehuman.org/node/320

Banes at 7:30PM, May 1, 2012

that's great info, chris...thanks! You should post all that stuff on the tutorials page, too!

chrisdotclark at 4:22PM, May 1, 2012

Just to clarify... I decided to use a filter on Bhaddland because I wanted to distance it from reality. The subject matter is barely acceptable to a lot of people as it is - I thought a cartoony look would make it more palatable. As to the specific technique: I render normally in Poser 9 but the lighting is deliberately bright and flat with no shadows. The cartoon look is a Photoshop style (Render Magic: Comic Ultra Medium) but because I use realistic textures the resulting pictures have a fair bit of noise that has to be post-worked out. I then place the original "art" on a layer above the post-worked toon version and merge them 50/50. I do most of the grunt work in Paint Shop Pro (and an old version at that) because I like its simplicity and also because it allows me to be pixel precise, whereas Photoshop is more intuitive.

Banes at 8:39AM, May 1, 2012

And thanks to Genejoke...I'll say it again: this stuff is tough, and involved. This is a good Quackcast to listen to several times (for me, anyway) to understand it better.

Banes at 7:52AM, May 1, 2012

aha! Finally an appreciative audience! Thanks, oz! X-D

Ozoneocean at 1:59AM, May 1, 2012

All house of Muses links in the tutorial have been fixed!

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