Episode 92 - Women, Feminism, and Webcomics with Noelle Dreves: Part 2

Aug 27, 2012

For the 92nd Quackcast we return we return to Australian heroine and flying ace Noelle Dreves and and international bon vivant and professional wine taster Skoolmunkee chatting with me about women in webcomics! This is the second part of the two-parter that began with Quackcast 90. We begin with Discussion Pinky TA, as you do! As before: These two ladies are on to talk about women in webcomics and popular culture in general from an ever so slightly feminist point of view.



Tantz_Aerine at 9:11AM, Aug. 30, 2012

Really good quackcast! I agree this is better than the first part :D

Ozoneocean at 2:05AM, Aug. 29, 2012

Cera, Eisenburg... It's like they're the same guy ^_^ I'm glad we did a two parter here, there was a LOT of info to fit in ad it take s a long while to get up to speed on a discussion like this one. It's a big subject. We were originally going to do a big round table with more ladies, but I tend to think now that a lot would be lost in that sort of large grouping. Smaller is better in Skype because it's easy to get drowned out.

Hawk at 2:34PM, Aug. 28, 2012

You know what? I really liked this! I can't tell you how refreshing it is to hear sexism talked about in a respectful and constructive way. A lot of good points were made and it gave me good insights on how to improve my own writing. This was definitely my favorite half of the discussion. I liked that you guys spent a lot of time on good examples and for the most part left DC/Marvel behind for this one. I think we learn best through good examples, and the sins of DC and Marvel are already pretty well documented. Focusing on how to apply this discussion was much appreciated. I think sometimes people are told not to make sexist female characters, and so without entirely understanding the concept they make women who "kick ass", wield machine guns, and are really just as two-dimensional as the pin-ups they created before. Thanks for teaching without chastising. (Last small note: Michael Cera was in Scott Pilgrim, and Jesse Eisenberg was in The Social Network and Zombieland)

Banes at 10:28AM, Aug. 28, 2012

Loved it! Wow, I've been looking forward to this topic for a long time, and part 2 was as good or better than part 1. Lots of fantastic food for thought. Thanks y'all!

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