Episode 94 - Character Intro Webcomic Special

Sep 10, 2012

Banes and I give the webcomics of Drunk Duck a chance to shine! For Quackcast 94 we asked our webcomic creators to write short intros to their comics from their comic character's point of view as a way to creatively advertise their comic in a really fun and entertaining way, as well as giving us a short little Haiku inspired by their comic. We had lots of great contributions from many creators which we had acted out by various people who did amazing performances- Don't miss Bravo as Grey guy Hank, Abt_Nihil doing Holon, Ayesinback doing Tao of Kenji, Pit Face doing Gretchen from Putrid Meat, Usedbooks' friend doing Usedbooks, and Skoolmunkee, Banes and I acting the rest. We'll put Gunwallace's song in NEXT week, promise!



Ozoneocean at 3:10AM, Sept. 16, 2012

The song is done now, all ready for Tuesday's QC and it's fricken' awesome!!!!!!

Obo Biber at 11:42PM, Sept. 11, 2012

Nice work, guys! Now I'm gonna hear that voice in my head whenever Monkeyface gets to gabbin'. Great stuff all around.

Tamerlane at 10:01PM, Sept. 11, 2012

Those were amazing. And it was an excellent idea. Some of those comics I NEVER would have read at first glance but after being intrigued by the character intros I checked them out and faved a few now. Well done!

Ozoneocean at 9:46PM, Sept. 11, 2012

Thanks guys! I'm glad it worked out! Yes, I'd really love more of these.

Gunwallace at 6:52PM, Sept. 11, 2012

Excellent stuff. A great idea for a quackcast, and wonderfully executed.

usedbooks at 5:42PM, Sept. 11, 2012

Great work, all. :) (And after you get through the first 9700 pages of Used Books, it becomes much better!)

ayesinback at 5:10PM, Sept. 11, 2012

"Please, sirs. Can we have some more." Ironically, this is what I thought the radio play would be like (well - just one DD comic) before we got Ally Haert's script. But I love the collection!! Brilliant, guys! And, thanks Pit.

PIT_FACE at 2:23PM, Sept. 11, 2012

dude!!!! this was awesome!!! it HAS to happen again! Banes, Oz, you BOTH were stellar as Bones, Exis and Ludger! i couldnt believe it!! and it was so cool hear other people's voices like Abt and Bravo and Skool and Ayes, you were NUCLEAR as the russian babe! let's do this again, LETS DO THIS AGAIN!!!

Abt_Nihil at 1:39PM, Sept. 11, 2012

Wow what an awesome quackcast (again)! Excellent work all around. Skoolmunkee, thanks for your brilliant performance! I really admire the way you brought my (rather unwieldy) monologue to life.

Tantz_Aerine at 11:21AM, Sept. 11, 2012

Ozone you were great :D And though you guys are making me blush, despite giving a glimpse at my rather... extravagant tastes. :P

Ozoneocean at 9:10AM, Sept. 11, 2012

It wasn't a hard editing job, but it was a loooong one. Took just over 5 hours straight, including recordings for the acting bits, features and comic intros I needed. STill tried now. I'm going to bed ... Oh yes, Skool is a fallen munkee... "Munnnn-keeee, you don have to put on the reeed light, you don have to sell your body to the niiiiiight! Munkeeeeeeeee, you don have to put on the reeeed liiiiiiiiighttttt!!"

Banes at 8:00AM, Sept. 11, 2012

and hey! Was that Ayes talking to Ayes? Genius! The Ayes have it!

Banes at 7:50AM, Sept. 11, 2012

Audio clip of the year has to be skool saying "I'm a w****. And I make my living w***ing." This was really fun...nice to hear the DD players doing some characters again! Great job...and kudos to ozone - must've been an editing job, this one! It came out great!

Ozoneocean at 5:41AM, Sept. 11, 2012

It's me and the Multibanes. He's such an amazing singer! ^_^

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