Mature, 1576 pages

Phin and Sara use their skills to fight evil in many forms. From vampires and werewolves, to evil mages, foul demons, nasty dragons, zombies, mummies and even time travelling, flying saucer driving Nazis. 25 years and counting!

Mature, 393 pages

A group of misfit monsters are sentenced to live in a castle belonging to mad scientist. (Some comedy, horror, and a little bit of everything else.)

Mature, 574 pages

The forest planet Farya has known peace between it's five northern territories until creatures start appearing out of cracks in the ground. These creatures eat humans quickly giving them names like monsters or demons. One man is known to walk among them fearless and word is that he travels with a monster. The dark tale of Farya….

Mature, 361 pages

Since the Roman Empire, there has been a group defending humanity from the monsters of myth and legend. Consisting of both human and non-human champions, the Consortium has maintained the balance between the light and the dark making sure the monsters that once preyed on the human race openly are now relegated to stories and nightmares.

But be warned, your parents were wrong;

Monsters are real…
Darklings prowl the night…
and you are food.

Mature, 383 pages

A webcomic about General Howe having nightmares about the headless horseman and Howe wants the nightmares to go away and stop whoever is controlling the nightmares and controlling the headless horseman and General Clinton will stop at nothing to get in the way of General Howe's mission.

LEADING CHARACTER: General William Howe

Updates every WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY

Teen, 127 pages

A comic following the Caraways, a team of five sibling explorers who set out to investigate the mysteries surrounding their hometown in eldritch New England. From old temple ruins to secret societies, strange artifacts, and even planes from beyond the waking world, some of the most disturbing things the kids uncover lie in their hidden connection to it all. Tread carefully.

Updates Mondays

Teen, 276 pages

The cherub brothers are maybe-kinda-sorta legitimate cherubs who live and help out people in an unfunded retirement town that's rumored to be demolished for condos. To be honest they're not brothers, but it's a catchy term the kids coined for them. The local gang/wannabe cultists fucked up and brought something back that was supposed to be sealed along with the darker secrets of the dying town…

Everyone, 12 pages

When Adrienne receives a letter from her estranged father requesting she come to the small town of Barkham, she finds herself embroiled in the increasingly bizarre happenings that seem to be just part of everyday life. Strange figures stalk the woods, unexplained lights appear in the night skies, and something stirs beneath the foundations of old Brindle Hall.

Mature, 43 pages

Farquar struggles with being the only anthropomorphic creature in a world dominated by humans. Not very intelligent humans, at that. It's no wonder he became homicidal. When he found his girlfriend dead of apparent suicide, he fell into a pit of despair. However, there may be a glimmer of hope.

Teen, 99 pages

“Grim” must use a magic artifact to protect himself and his friends from secret agents and a blood cult.

Grim the Reaper & Darkside © Alex Moi 2008-2019

Adult, 39 pages

Evil folks submitting others to atrocious processes and experiments. Featuring digital art and voice overs that take themselves way too seriously, or are really dumb. It's how I practice and try out new techniques. Fun, funny, obscene or maybe just digital doodling. New pages Monday and Thursday.

Everyone, 51 pages

Anthology. Cover Artist : Joe Badon

Mature, 164 pages

Thanks to a bunch of villagers and a well-meaning priest, the demon Salem has been unleashed upon the world.
Experimental dark comedy, and probably the edgiest thing I will ever do. Not suitable for younger readers or the easily offended. Mature to be on the safe side.

Adult, 10 pages

Everett is not a normal teenager; he is the son Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos, the Faceless God. When he meets Blanche, another hybrid like himself, the pair set out to thwart the plans of the Outer Gods and deny their own fates.

Mature, 28 pages

The zombies came without grace or mercy, infesting the city in a matter of days. Kate stands alone, making her last stand in an abandoned department store. Will she escape? Or will she be eaten alive in the sporting goods section?

Teen, 44 pages

SWALLOW: Vamps in the Big City.
Created and written by Camilla Rantsen, illustrated by Meesimo.
What if an innocent young beauty, new to the big city, had no idea she was secretly a Vampire? When Trilby arrives in New York, wide eyed and sharp fanged, a recruiting war breaks out between good and evil. Which side will Trilby sway towards? Either way, it will be a bloody good time! Featuring elements of Action, Horror, Comedy, and maaaybe a little romance.

Teen, 154 pages

Five years ago a demon of fear takes over the city that imprisoned it. Now its survivors, including the son of the hero who originally sealed the demon, are rising up to take back their home. Or, at least, that's the plan.
Starting back in 2014, ‘Do You Like Fear’ is my first webcomic and is largely an exploration of human concepts, right and wrong, and my own twisted humor. Updates on Fridays.

Mature, 51 pages

The imagination realm is dying.Humans have forgotten how to believe in magic.
So they set in motion, a plan to destroy the humans.
This is the story of three children who must unite them.

Mature, 30 pages

A collection of short stories, varying from contemporary, to fantasy to sci fi and horror… and maybe everything in between.

Mature, 20 pages

The story of Radula, a Gorrexasaur

Adult, 1 page

A twisted horror comedy about a brothel full of monsters. Adults Only

Mature, 1 page


Adult, 5 pages

Frank Bishop is an anti-hero who watches over Capitol City at night, hunting down the most horrific serial killers. With a kill or be killed mentality, every night could be his last. WARNING: contains violence, nudity, sexual situations, and gore.

Teen, 13 pages

A collection of old comics starring Grim the Reaper.

Grim the Reaper & Darkside © Alex Moi 2008-2019

Mature, 21 pages

The final chapter in the 3 part series of Demented Naychir's Job Openings. The comic based off the characters that are Demented Naychir. Music available on all digital outlets!


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