28/01/06 [001] 01:01 - Are You Sure You Can Do This?

spoonerman on Jan. 27, 2006

Well this is the first page of my newest version of this webcomic, for the few of you who have made your way here….WELCOME! i want to welcome you all here and i hope you enjoy yourself. Now for business, this is a very early version of this webcomic and i wanted to know if anyone wanted to assist me on this, i need a decent html programmer to help me programme the main template of this webcomic, i need someone to run the forums and i would really like a part-time CGer if you want to help out just find me on deviantart and send me a note, (i'm the same of deviantart as i am on drunkduck - spoonerman) as soon as i figure out this html business enough again to start doing little things on the page without screwing half of it up i will put a link to the forums where everything will be a lot neater.