29/10/06 [034] [CG] 02:02 - Harshness is in the Eye of the Beholder

spoonerman on Oct. 28, 2006

ok so i updated a whole week late, so sue me, my soul has been eaten by the essence that is rangarok online ^^ totally engulfed me for about a week, luckily i've now been brought back to the light and here's why:

so i was playing ragnarok online unable to draw my vision from it. i really should have been CGing thE rest of the comic, but i couldn't. i wanted my page to be perfect as usual, but i felt i wouldn't be able to do that if i didn't spend lots of time on it, and with my amazingly short attention span i knew i couldn't do it.

then yesturday i went to the london MCM expo, thE biggest anime and manga expo in the UK, you know i'll be important there one day ^^. i spent all my money and came back 14 mangas, 3 dvds, a naruto headband and 2 card sets better off. 2 of the mangas i bought were… Megatokyo, and when reading these something sparked inside me when reading some commentaries, what Fred had said reminded me of why i started doing these comics and why i was currently doing them.

i started off doing these because i want to tell this story, i want it to be fun. i was now doing this because i want this story to succeed, i forgot about the heart i put into this, how much i loved these characters and how much i love my fans, i do this to please myself and to give those who honor me with their time something worth the time they spend here.

i am now going to use a new style i am thinking of trying, it's still experimental, and it might shorten my comic time up some more, so i can practice more on anatomy and poses also scripting and story progression.

i hope you all don't mind, but this is my decision and i only hope you can all respect it, nothing much will change just CGing will go a lot quicker, thanks everyone… oh and one more thing…

HAPPY 18TH TO ME!!!!!!! ^_^