14/11/06 [036] [CG] Spoon Special 1 - Why Modern Art Sucks

spoonerman on Nov. 13, 2006

ok so i updated this 2 days late….. AGAIN… so sue me, just kidding,

there are reasons to why this is late:

1. my art comp is now upstairs so when i'm on the net i can no longer work on this at the same time (don't ask me why it is it just is)

2. the last page was also updated 2 days late and had a knock-on effect with this page,

3. i'm still getting used to CGing this way

4. it's actualyl longer than any other page i've done, and it's got 16 panels 0_0 16!!!!

5. i was too lazy to realy put myself out ^^

so there's you're reasons

and i honestly do think modern art sucks, i think if you call something like shit in a can… (no honest to god SHIT!) art, then this world is just ridiculous, art should at least require… oh i don't know…. artistic skill?

but thats just me, i'm sure i'm not the only one though

NOTE: as i am already late for teh next deadline a filler will be put in it's place, i'm using this as an excuse to get it back on track, and also i've been meaning to write up plans for another story, not saying anything though.